Monday, May 3, 2010

Close Call

Magpie Tales # 12

The dirt was moist. Her pants had gotten the worst of it. Even though she'd put on her gloves. As she dug around the roots of her old yard, she looked up at the sky. It was an odd day. Windy but warm. Looked like it might rain at any moment. She started off with her sweatshirt but had taken it off. Now, she wondered where she'd placed it. On the hose reel it was. Up she went, leaning on her rake. Her older bones giving her trouble. Always yelling at her about her youthful adventures. As she got up, she wondered what time it was. Thought she ought to check on her dogs and see. Tried to shake out the bottom of her shoes but decided to take them off instead. There her girls were. Waiting at the door. Napping in the sort of sun. Next to the door was the clock. The time had gotten away from her. As she handed the girls a bone, she thought for a moment, "Where did I put it ?" And, looking into the eyes of her beloved dogs, she remembered. Leaning over, she opened the cabinet and felt around. She told the girls, "That was a close one". She walked over to the mantle and put the paper weight where he could see it. As she did, she heard the car. Opening the door to greet them, the little one said, "Grandma, do you still have my fish ?"  "Of course I do."  As her daughter lifted him up to look at it, she gave her dogs a pet.



Remington said...

Very nice!

Jacqueline said...

You always paint a picture with words...Happy week and kisses to all your babies.

Helen said...

I especially loved the way you described how your bones felt as you worked in the dirt .... and being a grandmother myself, I loved the child too.

Anonymous said...

That sure is an awesome picture!

christine said...

Lovely word picture of an oldie gardening, could have been me!

Nice take on the picture prompt.


Brian Miller said...

oh i felt that nicely done....great magpie!

joanna said...

Endearing magpie tale--- can relate to your tale-- the two girls are sweet looking love their photo you have posted they look so peaceful and content I wish all animals were so lucky.


Tess Kincaid said...

Nice one, JC.

(I had to giggle, since we are always quoting the first line of Billy Crystal's novel in Throw Mama from the Train ...."The night was moist.") :):):)

Tumblewords: said...

A charming tale!

Berowne said...

Nice story, well told.

chiccoreal said...

Dear L&C: How I love the sensualness of this piece, the digging in the dirt. The lady becoming confused as to where she placed the fishbowl (on the mantle) although she probably was burying it with the dogbone! Good thing rufus was there to help! Loves hero dogs! Yours are ADORABLE! Hugs! Great story! Love happy endings! And beautiful beginnings! As in your short story! Need more positive in the world! I needed this today!

Ronda Laveen said...

The smallest things can become treasures. Well done.

Jennifer said...

LOVE your vignette! Nothing better than reading a slice of life - fiction or non.

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

so cool!
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