Friday, January 27, 2012

What's On Your List

Riley shows off his stripes
It's Friday !!!
Seems like it was a long week.
Mostly due to me being sick.
Yuck !!!
Hate feeling like an old sick cat lady.
Today, I actually think I'll get something on my list done.
Yeah !!!
Not really but there's always a lot that I have to check off.
If I don't get these things done, who will .. no one.
So, I've already done a few of them.
Got up around five thirty.
Nothing like having coffee in the dark.
The dogs have been in and out and in and out.
Mostly due to me getting them in from the frozen deck.
If the water bowl is total ice,
I don't really think they should stay out there
like it's sunny and warm.
I told them if the sun comes out
that I would let them stay til they bark to come in.
(the sun is supposed to come out sometime today)
Anyway, it's Friday !!!
Do I have plans for the weekend.
Not really.
That list is always long.
There's a puppy chewing on me as I type this.
How did that happen ?
She barked and I got her inside.
Her older sister who was sitting out on the deck
wanted to stay but I told her no.
So, thus the in and out goes on.
Maybe they'll take a puppy nap.
Do I get to take one too ?
By the way, with my coffee this meowning
I had a lovely buzz saw migraine join in.
Those are just no fun.
I think I will get another cup of coffee.
For the Holidays, I got a Keurig machine.
Been having fun trying out this and that flavors
and I also use my old coffees.
Got one of the filters with it too.
And, that is my story for this Friday.
What are you up to and do you have any plans ?
~ JC ~


Catsngrams said...

Hope you feel better soon. I would love to try a Kruig coffee machine but I cannot overcome the price. I am quite sure they are worth it but really $100.00? Ouch.
I guess I am just old fashion. Have a great weekend.

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties said...

Puppy chewing on you as you type, that's adorable! MOL

Tober the Cat said...

Riley's head-top looks just like mine!

Have a wonderful weekend, JC! AAB Blog-Helper got a Keurig for Christmas and she LOVES it. (She's a lot cheerier in the mornings, too.)

Judy said...

Is it better to have a puppy chewing on you while you type, or a cat sitting on the mouse pad while you try to use it?
I have to work all weekend, but you have a good time, and tell the migraine to get lost!!

Darlene said...

From one cat lady to another feel better soon. I am still fighting the effects now for three weeks. Even the antibiotics didn't really help. and having hubby sick too isn't helping. My to-do list is so long but can not do until the weather warms up. First I want to start seeds, yeah!

Purrfect Haven said...

take care and have a restful weekend. Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx

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~ Jose N. Harris

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