Monday, January 23, 2012

Mondays With Meredith Ann

This is our front porch during the
snow and ice storm that hit our woods.
This tree was so bent over with ice
that we couldn't get out our door.
Usually, it's standing straight up in the air
letting the birds sit on it in the bedroom two down.
It's a very old tree.
Been with us since we moved in.
It's still bent over but we hope we can save it.
(Mr. Boatman said something about
ropes and tying it to the back deck.
It involves going over the house.)
This is the view from the driveway.
Mom walked through the house instead of the snow.
The tree has three parts and two of them went this way.
The other part went over the front porch.
Here's a photo of that puppy Mom got.
Ok, I have to admit that she's a little bit cute.

Mom had lots of photos of me on her phone
but the power outage goofed up the computer
and she's having trouble downloading those.
So, you will just have to imagine me
sitting in my bonus room away
from all this cold stuff.

Mew At You Next Week,
~ Meredith Ann ~

A Note From Mom ~
We are almost melted.
Living surrounded by woods
it takes a long time to do that.
Once I get out of my long driveway,
the rest of the world seems normal.
I still have lots of snow in my yard
and the dogs are having fun in it.
Although, my older dog has had it
with walking on the ice.
The puppy just bounces over it.

The photos on the phone didn't download.
I'll have to find out from
Mr. Boatman who also happens
to be a computer nerd
what needs to be done.

We had two of our computers
totally crash and he rebuilt this one.
I hope to show you cute photos
of Meredith Ann next week.


Andrea and the Celestial Kitties said...

yikes! I hope your tree comes out of this ok!
I can relate with the older doggie, I'm done with ice and snow! Puppys can find fun somewhere else, snow can go! MOL

clairz said...

Oh, Meredith Ann, isn't that the way. The photos of you get stuck somewhere and the cute puppy pix end up on the blog. Lol, lol.

Stay warm, all of you. You've been on our minds because we know this kind of snow and ice is so unusual for you all.

Judy said...

I sure hope that birch tree survives! You can do some incredible things, using a rope to tie them straight again, but it doesn't always work! The puppy is cute, if full of energy. Bet you get a lot of laughs with her!!!

Remington said...

WOWZERS! You had nasty weather! Jodie is SO cute! Love her eyes!

Anonymous said...

Wow it sure looks cold there! Stay warm!

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