Friday, May 22, 2009

Ashton Rosevelt

My cat, Ashton,
is about the cutest grey striped and spotted cat
I've ever seen.

I found him at the local hay supply store.

I bet some of you don't have those in your neck of the woods.

Well, I do.

It isn't as big as a grange but it has those kind of items.

I drive by the store a lot.

I've only gone in there to look around twice.

Both times I've come out with a kitten.

I no longer am allowed to even look at the store.

That's ok cause I don't have a horse

and I seem to be able to find cats without going there.

Ashton was only five weeks old .. my vet thinks.

I asked if the kitten was a girl and was told,"YES".

He or at the time, she, looked just like my cat Teddy Bear.

(Teddy had disappeared before we moved to this house.)

Ashton was by himself playing with a string.

The white cat and kittens with him were not his purr family.

So, instead of a new cat carrier which I'd gone in to see if they had,

I got a new grey kitten.

When I took him home,

my son asked if the kitten was orange and could she be his.

I told him no it wasn't an orange cat but he sure could help me with the kitten.

At the time, I had a very old calico who took up a lot of my time.

She was twenty one and had dementia.

In a cat that means she meowed for me all the time.

We went to the vet right away for a check up.

My son and I had come up with the name, Rose.

After my Mother.

Her full name would be Savannah Rose.

The Savannah part due to the stripes and spots and

the Rose because my Mother had past away recently.

First thing the vet told us was that our Rose was a he.

When they left the room to get something,

we quickly came up with a boy name.

Ashton Rosevelt it was.

Ashton cause he's ash grey in color and

Rosevelt cause what else can you do with Rose and

my son likes history and came up with that one.

Ashton has been a character the whole time.

At first he didn't know how to talk.

That's a must in my house.

So I talked to him all the time.

With my old cat mewing a lot, Ashton caught on.

He actually loved my old cat and I mean LOVED her.

She was not happy about that and mewed more.

My son and Ashton have always been together.

He still, at the age of sixteen, asks where his cat is

when he comes home from school.

He carries him around like a baby.

(The boy carries the cat not the other way around.)

Ashton has a fondness for the catnip mousie.

Any toy actually.

He can still be found playing in the hallway.

Usually, he announces his intentions though.

A talkative one he has become.

Ashton my

"oh my what am I doing taking home this kitten when I already have four cats"

has been an absolute joy

and is the Purrfect Grey Striped and Spotted Gentlemen.


Star said...

I enjoyed your story about Ashton. He sounds like a very good pet and company for your old Calico. I have a Calico cat too. She talks all the time.
Blessings, Star

Karen said...

He is just beautiful...and a beautiful story too. You are such a good cat mom!

Anonymous said...

LOL what a great picture of Ashton yawning!!! Lovely story.

Anonymous said...

I liked this story. When we lived with our Grandma growing up, we always have cats because there was a stray that had kittens left and right it seemed. It is just difficult to resist a little helpless kitty. The ones we brought home were always mean strays though and to this day I don't know how we were ever able to tame them. But it seemed that the more mean the cat, the more lovable he or she was once tamed. At one time we had 3 adults and 5 kittens from one of the liters. Haha Ashton looks like he has tiger stripes. Like a gray tiger.

Nan and =^..^= said...

I loved reading about Ashton...what a wonderful kitty and very handsome!

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