Thursday, May 21, 2009


I saw some at the store.
Thought of my Mom. I grew up with it growing in the garden.
We would pick it. Clean it. Cut it. Cook it.
She would make pie or cobbler.
Adding just the right amount of sugar to make it delic.
None of this adding strawberries stuff.
A bit of vanilla ice cream or cool whip on top.
I remember how good it was especially when it soaked into the crust.
I saw an article about rhubarb and thought … could I grow it. Where?
Big yellow dog would probably dig it up.
Maybe I’ll buy some and try to make Mom’s pie.
Only Mom didn’t write the recipe down. It was one that she just knew.
Maybe my sister knows it. I’ll have to call her.

Here’s some info I found …

”Rhubarb is a perennial plant that has bright red stems and big green leaves. Rhubarb is quite ornamental looking and can be planted in a perennial border; however, in most cases it’s planted off to the side of the garden. While the stems are edible the leaves are extremely poisonous. They can however be thrown into the compost pile as they decompose fairly quickly. Rhubarb is grown from divisions or crowns, and rarely if ever, by seed. It is one of those plants that thrives in cold weather. In fact, it needs temperatures to drop below 40 degrees F in order to break dormancy and grows best when summer temperatures don’t exceed 75 degrees F. It’s a staple in many New England home gardens, but the biggest commercial growers are found in Washington, Oregon, and Michigan. What makes harvesting rhubarb a little tricky is that whereas most vegetables and fruits are obvious, it’s the stems that are harvested and eaten. First, the stalks should only be harvested once the plant is three years old. Harvest stalks that are sturdy and not slender, in the range of 1/2 inch wide or less. Younger stalks, harvested soon after the leaves unfurl, are more flavorful than older ones. Depending on your location, the stalks are ready for harvesting in May and June. Rhubarb is very bitter and is not eaten raw, but boiled in water with lots of sugar to make a sauce, which is eaten alone (with heavy cream!) or used in rhubarb pie and other desserts.”

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The Creek Cats said...

We've never eaten rhubarb before, but you make it sound yummy!!!

Thank you so so so much for your very generous donation to Romeo's FURPower Challenge for BCCP! We wish you lots of luck with the drawing, maybe you'll win one of those cool prizes!! Thanks again!

JC said...

No problem ... great way to start the day ... donating and coffee.

Some people don't like rhubarb. I grew up with it as a Summer specialty. My Mom was a fabulous cook. I, unfortunately, did not get that gene, but I love to try.

Anonymous said...

Wow Poisonous leaves? I didn't know that. I've never had anything rhubarb to tell you the truth. Hope you find that recipe though.

Webster said...

I grew up with a big rhubarb plant in the back yard, too, and my Mom made the best rhubarb custard pie. Are you interested in getting the recipe? I can look around and find it.

ellen abbott said...

I had no idea the leaves of rhubarb are poisonous. Sounds like more trouble than it s worth but what so I know since I have never had rhubarb pie. there is a very cool glass that I sometimes work with called 'rhubarb'. It shifts in color from pink to green depending on the light.

JC said...

Yes, give me the recipe if you have it. If not, don't worry about it.

I didn't actually buy the rhubard at the store.

My sister is traveling on business this month ... busy bee that she is.

I'll buy some next time I see them and get out my Betty Crocker cook book.

I'm not much of a cook. My Mom was and my sister is .. me, I just enjoy and do the dishes after LOL

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