Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Big Al

Update ~ The vet just called.
Big Al had one tooth taken out instead of two.
Was doing fine.
I pick him up this evening.
Now, to just see how well he takes his meds. lol
~ A very relieved Grandma ~
(he is my d's cat that I take care of and call Grandson.)
This is my Grandson, Big Al.
He is going to the v e t in an hour.
He is having a mini surgery
to clean his teeth
and remove two or more.
Last week, he went in for his check up
and shots.
The vet said he needed to have
his teeth cleaned and he might
have a cavity.
When I called to get an estimate
and make the appointment,
I was told what he'd written in his notes.
I don't even want to tell you
what the two estimates were.
Big OUCH in the pocket.
That's what credit cards are for.
I was really shocked.
Twice what I thought it would be.
It all adds up.
The iv, senior profile blood work,
30 or 60 minutes of anesthesia,
and you get the idea.
Dollar signs.
Big Al is going to have a lot done.
More than I thought.
Silly me.
I thought a quick cleaning.
Nope, his thirteen years
has gotten to him.
I'm a bit worried.
Maybe like any Grandma would be.
What ifs ...
You all know how that goes.
So, I'll be close to the phone.
In case, they need to call me.
I'll be nursing him back
to his old self
the rest of the week.
He's really a sweet big cat.
Always has been.
Anyway, I thought I'd let you all know.
Maybe a few thoughts
of him would help.
Couldn't hurt ...
Happy straw hat day
to everyone.
How do you all find these things ?
~ JC ~


Mumsys Kitty Korner said...

We are thinking of Big Al and sending up prayers for him. We are hoping all goes well and he will be back home recovering very soon. Hugs and nose kisses

Fuzzy Tales said...

I'm glad Big Al had only the one tooth removed. Purrs from the boys for his recovery!

Oooh, boy, do I understand vet dental bills! Nicki's 8 extractions, back in November 2009, cost between $500 and $600. But Derry's 9 extractions in June 2010, less than a year later, cost over $1200, all in (tests, etc.). Let's see...Oh, there was Annie's 3 extractions in February 2010, which ran just over $800, and then Nicki's cleaning (just a cleaning, thank goodness) last July, which was just under $600, all in.

Derry will be next, it's almost 3 years and he has chronic gingivitis. I know he needs a cleaning again, but gees, I don't have room on the credit card, frankly.

It's ridiculous, how expensive vet care is. It's no wonder so many just don't do it for their pets--they simply can't afford it.

Missy George said...

Good luck Big Al..Knock on wood...I've never had dental problems with my cats or dogs...I hope I'm not jinxing myself..

Brian said...

I am very glad that Big Al did fine and I know you all must be relieved!

Cascadian Nomads said...

So glad Big Al is okay. More good news is that I have nominated you for a Super Sweet Blogging Award: It only seems right that the award stay in the family! :)

Webster said...

I hope Big Al's recovery and med taking go well for you both. I hope the drugs are drops, not pills. With pills,you have to pry the mouth open and throw the pill back into the throat, the hold the mouth shut while rubbing the out side to induce swallowing a few times.

Good luck with that. I make DH do the pilling around here.

Rose H (UK) said...

Still trying to catch up...
But, I've read in another post that Big Al is doing fine - thank goodness :o)
Rose H

Judy said...

So glad that he is doing well!!! My cat-in-law needs dental work, too, but they cannot afford it...

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