Thursday, May 16, 2013

Customer Service and Big Al Update

~ ~ ~
I just got off the phone with customer service
at my new prescription med department.
What a hoot that was.
 I have two prescriptions that are going to end soon.
I can do three months at a local pharmacy.
Otherwise, I have to get the prescription
transferred to the mail out only kind.
Only when I went to the site,
 after signing in or up,
and clicking the transfer a prescription button,
I got sent to the 90 day site.
Thus, after saying many things to the machine ladies voice,
 talked to a customer service person.
I have one that was a twelve month prescription
and one that only has one month left on it.
(All meds that I'm on for my kidney and heart.)
My kidney Dr. had given me a four month supply,
until my next appointment with him.
I was told they would not pay for this last month.
They only do a 90 day supply.
During this conversation,
I started to laugh.
This was after I started to
voice my opinion at the
absurdness of saying they
wouldn't pay for a one month supply
of medication for me.
All crazy to me.
So, I think after all of this,
 I might get some heart meds in the mail.
She asked if they could automatically
 use my credit card for further charges.
I said no to that one.
 Ask me first please.
Then, I asked for another prescription card.
We have four in the family and they only gave us two.
Was told they can only send one card, every thirty days.
Again, I laughed.
So, that's what I did with a chunk of my morning.
Insurance companies and their prescription companies are crazy.
She asked me if I had a local office of this prescription company.
(It does have them in some states.)
Told her no, none in my state.
Couldn't she have looked that up ?
Doesn't she work for them ?
~ ~ ~
Oh, and Big Al is doing fine.
Mad at me for giving him
his pink liquid meds
but doing fine under the bed.
(he's hiding from me)
~ JC ~


Fuzzy Tales said...

Sounds like typical bureaucratic idiocy to me. :-/

Glad to read Big Al is doing well, even if hiding UTB!

Rose H (UK) said...

Blimey JC, when I read this it makes me feel grateful for the National Health Service in the UK, we do complain about it but at least we don't have that hassle. My meds are all free as I'm diabetic on meds, others have to pay around £7.50 per item on the prescription - If it's something you can get cheaper off prescription the pharmacy let you know first :o)
Glad to read Big Al is doing so well!
Rose H

Brian said...

Humans can be plain weird. Hugs from all of us.

Hartwood Roses said...

All this govt talk about 'healthcare' is really about health INSURANCE. Everything is driven by who will pay for what ... more like who can get someone else to pay for stuff. So many price points for the same thing, depending on who you are and how you're paying. So far, so good on my husband's transition to mail-order prescriptions, except for one of his drugs. I think his Dr. switched him to one that IS covered, so all is relatively quiet.

It's great to hear that Big Al came through his dental so well. It's always scary when our babies are at the vet.

Judy said...

Just thank your lucky stars you have coverage!!! I don't, and the sciatica meds were $100 for a three week supply...

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