Saturday, April 20, 2013

Eeyore, I know what you mean

~ ~ ~
So, the buzz saws continue
but are manageable
with lots of coffee
and now a beer.
Yes, it helps.
It's windy today.
I'm at the beach
with Meredith Ann
of course
and Maddy Jean and Jodie Belle.
The warms are here
but the wind
it is a blowing.
Too much to be on the
back deck so I go in
the front yard and watch
Mr. Boatman work on the front porch.
It is sinking.
Yes, down it goes.
He is putting boards under
the posts to make it level.
This place looks nice
but the builder sure must
have known someone
cause it has troubles galore.
Anyway, I'm going in and out.
Meredith is on the chair.
I let her out back
but she came right in.
Her furs didn't like the blowy effects.
Hope you all are having
a warm non windy Saturday.
~ J C ~


Webster said...

I think that when the wind blows like this it means the weather is about to change. Could it be that we actually have some warmer weather on its way? Hope springs eternal.

I'm glad your head is feeling a bit better.

Kea said...

We're having a very cold, windy day -- back in winter long johns! Hail, snow flurries...Yep, "spring" in Ontario this year sucks.

Beer helps the migraine? Cool. Wonder what's in it that does. I used to get them when on certain meds and while I do still get really bad ice-pick-over-the-eye-sick-to-my-stomach headaches, they're not quite at the level they used to be. Maybe I'll try beer next time!

Brian said...

I hope the buzz saw leaves you alone soon..dump more coffee on it!

Judy said...

Well, not warm, but it is above freezing and sunny!!! That is good for April!!!

Katie Isabella said...

Mommy said the wind has continued over a month blowing very hard with gusts to 35 mph. One gust blew the corner of the car door onto her forehead Friday. Still hurts. Poor mommy.

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