Friday, April 19, 2013


~ ~ ~
Buzz  Buzz
I'm so tired of it.
Just when I think it might not happen.
There it is.
Buzz saw city.
I've had a migraine headache every day this week.
Maybe it's the rain or maybe not.
Could be my meds.
I don't really know.
I've been waking up around four am
 and having trouble getting back to sleep.
Maybe this all adds up.
All I know, is I'd rather it was from a bumble bee
 visiting my favorite blooms.
instead of these nasty blurred vision buzz saws.
Anyone else get these ?
~ JC ~


Brian said...

I sure hope it goes away soon!!! Gentle hugs from all of us.

Judy said...

Not migraines, no... My low back has been killing me for more than a week, and I don't know which is worse...
Get better!!!

Webster said...

Migraines? Not me, and thank God, because of all the pains I DO get, I tolerate headaches the least.

Well, the shoulder pain that I woke up with yesterday. . . that was bad. Didn't deal with that well. I took a hydrocodone and went back to sleep. Worked for me.

Hope your migraines go away soon.

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