Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Can You Smell Them ?


I look out my kitchen window
into my back yard
which is green with lawn and moss
and the trees that line my fence.
These trees hang over into my yard.
Leaving the shadows that be.
My two Lilac brushes have tried
for almost twenty years to grow.
Each year I get my hopes up.
I think I see something.
Can it be.
Out I go, down the hill.
A few buds have formed.
Will they bloom this year ?
Probably not.
I have had no luck with them.
I refuse to pull them out.
I will never do that.
The shade does not like my Lilacs.
I planted two of them at out beach place.
In the sun along the fence.
We don't have the tree problem there.
We do have the deer though.
Thus, the first year, we were a bit upset.
Don't know if the purr and fur gang was.
Now, there is a not so good looking
wire fence thingy around each Lilac.
My hope is that they will forgive
and bloom like crazy this year.
Wouldn't that be nice.
I grew up with Lilacs.
Huge bushes.
And, I mean huge.
None of this maybe stuff.
I can't complain too much.
As I have those years to remember.
But, I would really like just one
to bloom and smell and bring back that magic.
Cause having Lilacs in your yard is a wondrous thing.
Just saying ...
~ JC and The Den Gang ~
Meredith Ann, Riley and Me


Cheri Wildcatwoods said...

I know how you feel - I love lilacs. At our old house we had a huge tree of lilacs - the old fashioned kind. People would top to ask if they could smell them or pick them. Now we do not have any and I wish like you I could get some to grow.

Carolina Living

Brian said...

They sure do look whiffin' good!

Webster said...

I grew up with a big light lavendar lilac tree and a huge white one. My aunt across the street also had a huge white one. I love lilacs, and planted one several years ago. It did bloom last year, for the first time. And I wonder- will I get blooms again this year? Hope springs eternal.

Isn't it early for the blooms? It seems early to me.

Katie Isabella said...

I used to have a BIG lilac TREE where I lived with my dad. It was fragrant and beautiful. Here I see a lot of them but they are bushes and the blooms are sky blue.

Judy said...

You are so lucky to have some of the lilacs blooming... I don't even have buds yet...

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