Friday, October 19, 2012

Under The Bed

This is Ashton Rosevelt.
The sweetest grey striped boy ever.
Yes, I know everyone thinks their cat is the best,
only this time, mine is.
My boy was not acting himself.
Not napping on my bed.
Not looking out the windows at the birds.
(not that there are a lot now but still ...)
I found him under my daughter's bed.
She's away and usually he's on top not under.
That's when I noticed his totally closed left eye.
I called.
Got in later that day.
Only Ashton would have none of it.
Had to call them back and explain that he was not
going to come out from under the bed.
I thought, maybe he'd get better
and not have to go to the mean vet.
No Ashton that night either.
No one talking to me and doing their toes at three.
(he is very friendly late at night)
So, I decide I'll find him
and get in somewhere.
Even looked up Er's and walk in places.
I had plans.
My cat was going to be seen.
I called our vet and of course
they couldn't get me in till five.
I told them I'd be by to get a copy of my records.
Suddenly, she said I could bring him in
and leave him and the Dr. would look
at him in between appointments.
(I guess I bring in a lot of money
either that or there's a sign that
flashes five cats and two dogs.
They probably don't want to lose my business.)
I won't go into details as to how much fun
it was to get Ashton into his cage
after getting him out from under the bed.
Nope, I think everyone knows that thrill.
I get him to the vets and start to fill out my paperwork.
I tell her how I was going to go somewhere
if they couldn't have gotten me in.
Suddenly, she says the Dr. will make time for me.
So, I got a room and Ashton and I waited.
They even offered me coffee.
Now, how many times does that happen .. never.
Ends up that Ashton only has a bad scratch.
No permanent damage.
I get the fun times of putting drops
in both his eyes for five days.
And, did I say,
several times a day.
Ashton feels better.
I think it was the numbing medications
that they put in his eye to check it.
Just that made him less cranky.
That's what I did this morning.
This afternoon, I did his drops.
He's back to sitting in the window
watching the birds and leaves.
Me, I'm having tea.
And, looking at my new scratches.
My boy is better.
The rest is no big deal.
Enjoy your weekend.
I plan on it ...
I'm assuming Ashton will be back
on the bed purring away.
~ JC ~


Katie Isabella said...

YOU poor poor Mom and your poor baby too. And GOOD on you for saying what you did. Those people don't mean to do it but they take a line of least resistance many times when pet parents call and they are thinking more of the Dr.'s time and comfort so to speak than a hurting or uncomfortable or sick furbaby.

By the way, Admiral in the last 6 months of her life was under my heavy full heavy oak bed and me with a rehabilitating broken right wrist. I could not get her out from under. I could not even one handedly move the bed. I called the Vet's office and requested a tech to come and get her. I was more than willing to pay whatever they asked..only she had to get there. They always came, and they never charged me. BUT I would never take that for granted nor would I want to bet how many other Offices would have been so kind.

Kisses to your baby there and all the rest of them too.

Brian said...

I sure am glad that handsome boy is healing up!

Mr. Black said...

I'm glad that Ashton is feeling better and that his eye is healing.

The lady knows from many years experience the worry of trying to get a cat in a carrier for a trip to vet. So, she would call the vet and ask to drop the kitty off sometime during the day so that kitty could board in the vet's office for the night and they could see him the next day because he would be right there! It was worth the small fee for boarding to not worry about having to get kitty in the carrier for a certain appointment at a certain time.

I'm glad you persevered and got Ashton in.

Random Felines said... least Ashton is feeling better.... :)

Laoch of Chicago said...

Good wishes to the healing feline.

Fuzzy Tales said...

Aggh, I hope that tea was laced with a little something! Oh, yes, I absolutely can imagine the ordeal, have been there.

I agree with Katie's mom re: kudos for saying what you did to the receptionist. I've found them to be...oh, not always that accommodating, let's say. Have always assumed it's just me, that I rub everyone the wrong way because I don't tow the party line and do my own cat health research, etc., but maybe they're all taught to be difficult and uncaring.

Anyway, have "fun" getting the drops in Ashton's eye...I'm certainly glad it turned out to be relatively minor.

The Paw Relations said...

We're so glad that Ashton is feeling better and back to window sitting and birdie watching. It's always worrying when they're sick.

Webster said...

Oh my. What we have to do for our fur-bebbies. I'm glad it was nothing serious, and that Ashton is feeling better. And now you know why my husband puts on gloves when faced with catching a reluctant cat. And isn't it amazing how they can spread those four legs wider than the opening of any cage door? Mreow!

Sherlock, Ash and Traveler said...

Hello! We found your blog and wanted to stop by to send our purrrs! We are happy to hear that Ashton is feeling better purrrs xx

Rose H (UK) said...

I'm glad that Ashton is feeling better, but you have my sympathy for the scratches!

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