Sunday, October 21, 2012

Did You Hear It

~ ~ * * ~ ~ * * ~ ~
I went on the scale today.
I knew I'd been eating too much.
I always decide that I'll get away with it.
It won't show up.
Not this time.
My old body laughed at me.
I yelled at it .. the scale.
The old body, well, what can I say.
I used to be thin.
As a child.
Then, I had kids.
Never ever recovered from that.
Have always had forty or so to lose.
Every year I wish to be a certain weight.
At the time of year when you do those things.
I gave up doing that a while back.
Taking steroids will do that to you.
Give up on the losing thing.
Only for some reason, I thought,
that maybe it had gone down.
What a silly old lady I am.
The new jeans that I bought
fit though so that's a good thing.

I think I would have lost it.
You know how that goes.
The scale being mean
and the clothes follow.
So, I will now stop eating.
How do you do that ?
Me and the cats on diets.
Yes, even they need to lose a few.
Aren't you glad you're not at this house ?
By the way, I put the new jeans on to
go to the grocery store to get that pecan
pie that had winked at me the other day.
Nope, not happening.
Sad face.
OK, got to go .. Jodie Belle has been a
barking machine today and she's at it again.
~ JC ~
The pecan pie is my favorite.
What's your delic pie or cake or ... ?


Remington said...

Beth here....I hear you! I have put some weight on too and I WANT to take it off and each week I seem to THINK I am going to and then the week is done and I did nothing about it....That pecan pie didn't wink at me but the apple pie did....ha ha!

Mr. Black said...

I am on a diet, too. "Someone" is always trying to slip "lite" kibble in with the tastier stuff.

Fuzzy Tales said...

I've been carrying 30 extra pounds for 6 or 7 years now. 15 of my own eating, and 15 from the carb cravings that came during the years I was on anti-depressants.

I don't have a scale, though. I get weighed at the doctor's office when I go (which is as seldom as possible). I just went on Thursday, and there was the same number on the scale....

Of course, I eat HUGE amounts of sugar, have a terrible sweet tooth. I'd have to give that all up if I wanted to see the scale drop, I know.

I say go for the pie anyway, because we all know life is far too short.

Brian said...

We need to start a petition to get scales banned! They are always causing trouble!!!

The Paw Relations said...

We agree with Brian. Basn those scales. Nothing good ever comes from stepping on them

Rose H (UK) said...

Weight problems can be SO depressing JC, the trick is ignore them ;O)
Rose H
Good old apple pie could always tempt me off the straight path!

Judy said...

Well, the dogs here are starved right to death, they say. Jake had the runs, so they both went without food for 24 hours, and are now on the boiled hamburg and rice for 48 hours. We have still been doing our usual walks, though.
Now if it was that easy to put ME on a diet...
Starbucks used to have delicious PB and chocolate squares, but they got rid of them. Now if I want them, I have to make them, and you know what that means...

Ramblingon said...

I am a cherry pie or coconut custard pie person as tops on my favorites list with lemon meringue right almost up tere with it.

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