Monday, July 2, 2012

Mondays With Jasmine Marie

I'm filling in for Meredith Ann.
For many reasons really.
One is that Mom hasn't downloaded the new photos.
Two, I'm sitting here looking at Mom
so she told me I could do it today.
There's nothing like a Siamese staring at you.
I am the older wiser female purrball around here.
Did I mention I'm a Silly Snowshoe Siamese
and my Mom tells me I'm her Princess.
She also says to not tell Meredith Ann.
Anyway, I thought I'd mew at you all.
~ ~ ~
What's new around here ?
It's been cloudy rainy.
Except Mom went over the Mountains
into the warm parts of our state.
She was gone for two days.
Two days of the kids feeding me.
Not enough petting for this Siamese's liking.
Mom sat by me most of yesterday.
Telling me how special I was
and how I really needed to be combed.
I have what is called a double under coat.
Not as bad as Meredith Ann,
who gets clumps and comb outs.
No, I'm a thick silky furry silly girl.

And, that is about it for today.
Not much going on.
Except me being cute
but I do that every day.
I'm going to curl up on the chair
next to Mom and dream of
warm sunshine to watch bird tv in.

Mom is going to dream
of being able to walk.
That's kind of a bad story.
My Mom is now a limp along
with a cane gal.
But, she's still pretending
and I'm helping her.
I'm good at that.

Til next week,
This is Jasmine Marie
in for
Meredith Ann.


Fuzzy Tales said...

Hi Jasmine Marie, it's nice to see you!

Sorry your mom was gone for two days--and that's she's limping along with a cane right now. We're sending her loud purrs for healing. We're sure you make her feel better, just by being beside her.

Ramblingon said...

Hello beautiful Jasmine Marie. This is Katie Isabella's mommy. I was about to do my own bloggie since I helped Katie with hers, and I noticed that you made a blog yourself. So rather than log put and let Katie come over to introduce herself, I am taking her place.


Lyn said...

good post, hope your Mom is better soon and you get lots of cuddles!

Rose H (UK) said...

Hi Jasmine Marie, how lovely to meet you :o) Glad your Mom is back with you now!
Rose H

Judy said...

Maybe the double undercoat thing explains why I have to change the bedding soon - I was reading all day, and Gloria insisted on being petted, and there is an inch of cat hair all over the sheets...
And that is not counting what is on me!

Remington said...

Happy your mommy is home with you....I am sorry she is limping....I hope she gets better FAST!

LeAnn said...

Hola Jasmine~
Long time no see, girl! You look mahvalous!
I do so miss my own Jasmine. There is something about having a Meezer in the house that adds such spice!
I need a Meezer (dont tell my room-mates!) But maybe I should see how the furgang handles the new grandson in a few months!

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~ Jose N. Harris

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