Thursday, March 8, 2012

Worn Out

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I'm worn out in my soul. I don't know what it is about stress that does that to me. It's a silly thing really. I'm taking this class with Jodie to learn how to do the basic puppy things. Like sit, stay, walk with me, don't run out of the door into who knows what. Anyway, I found a great mid day class for us. It started about four weeks ago. Supposed to be up to seven puppies. Nope, just us. There was someone by her self.  For the first two weeks, she said her puppy was on the way. She even paid for the class. Nope, she's been gone the last two weeks.

Jodie loves going for her sort of private lessons. Today though I was told that there are two other night classes that the owner would like me to consider. Only consider wasn't quite the word. I explained to our nice trainer that I don't drive at night due to my coma. Bad eyes and all that stuff.  So, I am in a bit of a what to do situation here. The owner of the training company is supposed to call me. Not her fault no one signed up. Not her fault I don't do night driving. Not my fault my nice mid day class is sort of being cancelled. Will I get my money back, I don't know. It did cost a lot. Was supposed to be a twelve week class. Star Puppy I guess Jodie will not be.

It's just a silly class. No big deal. Only it was and is for me. It's the first time since my coma six years ago that I have ventured out into the real world. I don't interact with people much. This is the first time I've done anything like this. So, now I have to say no to this evening class. Not get my money back. And, find something else.

The thing is if I did do a night class I wouldn't have done one in the middle of no where in the dark. This is on a country one lane road with no lights at night. The other classes at night were much closer to me and have lights on their roads.

So, I'm worn out from the world not working for me. This having been in a coma is a bummer sometimes. Just saying. Not that big a deal with all that's going on in the world but it's just typical for me. Oh well, wasn't meant to be.

~ JC ~

( Things that are simple for other people aren't for me. Like going to a class at night. Big deal for me. Can I do it ? Even during the day, I deal with migraines and being dizzy but I manage because it's daylight and I make myself do it. Night is different. I'm a bit mad and sad at the same time. I wanted this for me and for Jodie. We were supposed to have three in the class and now I have to ask for my money back which I don't think they'll give to me. I just wish something would go right for me. It was just a puppy class. Not solving world peace. Couldn't it have gone right for Jodie and for me. Just saying. I feel better writing this out. I was thinking on the way home how silly this was. Nothing important at all. Only it was for me.)


Rose H (UK) said...

What a bummer :o( Over here in the UK if you subscribe to classes with less than five people signing up after two or three weeks we have a full refund. I really don't think that you are being unreasonable to request a refund, as you say it's not your fault that these classes are under subscribed - neither is it your fault that you are unable to drive at night. I'm certain that somewhere on the internet you could find training videos and 'train her yourself'. In the meantime please don't let it get you down...
Best wishes
Rose H

Remington said...

Beth are not silly. You have been through so much....I understand completely. I think it is rude that this has happened. They should have put a limit on class size before hand. I believe you will get your money back....I would say they would divide the number of classes into the amount paid and then keep for the classes you have attended and reimburse you for the rest. At least that is what I would INSIST on! I know this meant a lot to you....just to get out and do something different sometimes lifts our sorry....

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties said...

Not silly at all. They should at least prorate if not give you everything back. Asking you to move to a time that doesnt work for you is unreasonable, no matter your reason, and yours is pretty darn good! If they cannot accomidate you, then you deserve your money back for the classes you didn't get.
As someone else who does not go out of the house well, with no where near your good reason, I can seriously sympathise. I hope you don't give up, I hope you find something else that works.
Hugs and purrs from all of us.

Webster said...

I'm so sorry this didn't work out for you. I too don't dare drive a country road at night, not because I can't see the road, but I can't see where to turn off!! Darn night vision.

I think, because you cannot use their offer of completing the class at night for medical reasons, you have the ADA on your side to get a pro-rated refund.

And you keep working with Jodie in the meanwhile - maybe something will come available in the Spring. Good Luck.

Fuzzy Tales said...

They ought to be giving you a pro-rated refund, that's just good business. And frankly, if they had a minimum to run the class, it would have been better to cancel before it started.

No, it's not a big deal in the grand universal scheme of things--nothing we do is. But it IS a big deal in your life, so of course it matters. Please don't underplay it, it's okay to be upset and in a quandary.

Maybe there will be other options, other classes? Is there a PetSMart near you? Ours does doggie training on Saturday mornings, perhaps at other times too (I see them when I go in and I'm always there early on the weekends).

Check with whatever large-chain pet food supply store you have in your area, you never know.

Pam said...

I am so sorry for the way this worked out. I am sure you will get your money back, you aren't canceling the class, they are. Hopefully another opportunity will come forward.

Forever Foster said...

Lissa here-
It is not at all unreasonable for you to ask for your money back. You signed up for a class under conditions that they are no longer willing to honour. And it's not silly to be disappointed, either.

I hope you're able to find another class that better suits you. I'm sorry this one didn't work out.

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