Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wordy Wednesday

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I know it's Wordless Wednesday but I'm changing it to Wordy Wednesday. So many thoughts going through my old mossy live in the woods brain.

Went to my neighborhood meeting last night. First time in almost fifteen years. To say that I didn't miss much would be an understatement. I am not into silly rules and most of the people sharing old chairs with me are. I had sort of volunteered to help out this year on the board. I did say I could help but added my own old lady who lives in the woods rules. I did not hear back from our neighborhood live by the rules person. So, since I was in one of those moods, I got my old lady rear and drove to the meeting. Not to worry, it was only across the busy street a ways at the local church but still odd for me to actually do that kind of thing. Usually, I'm settled in with the Purr and Fur Gang for a cozy evening of whatever.

I tried to listen oh so nicely all the while thinking, these people are serious. They live by these rules. Me, I think most of them are silly as can be. Course I bought my home a long time ago. I drive down my long driveway that is surrounded by the woods. I only come out to the real neighborhood to get my mail or drive somewhere.

I left this meeting after an hour or so. I luckily did not get voted into office. The sort of popular group in the corner did. They did put me on a special project list. Oh joy, I felt like standing up and cheering only I'd have gotten the bad girl in church look. They were then talking about roofs and how do you know when to replace them. I rose my hand and said, I knew I needed a new roof when my skylight started to leak. That did not get much applause so I figured it was time for me to make an exit. I left them talking about dogs and keeping them on a leash. I knew if I opened my mouth to say build a fence, that it still wouldn't go over well. I drove home and was greeted by my two loves wagging their tails. I told them all about these silly people. I then poured myself a strong drink and enjoyed what was left of my evening.

~ JC ~

(I live in a sort of small neighborhood that has a homeowners association. Since, I live down a long driveway set in the woods, I don't see any of these people on a regular basis. I wave if they catch me walking the dogs to the mailbox but other than that, nope, they don't know who I am. Except at Halloween. I give out fabulous candy. Anyway, most of the rules in this two inches of paperwork are absurd as can be but that's why I don't go to their meetings. First time I went in fifteen years. One of those lets see if anything has changed since I last went kind of evenings. Nope, just people telling other people what to do with their yards and roofs and when to take in their garbage cans. I could not live here if it wasn't for my beloved woods. If I had to go to these meetings, I'd have to bring my good friend Jack with me. Last name Daniels.)


Fuzzy Tales said...

HA! Loved the post, especially your last two sentences.

My townhouse is a condominium townhouse complex.

No more need be stated re: rules, etc.

I haven't gone to the annual general meeting in years because it's pointless.

Be thankful you don't have to see your neighbours often. LOL.

Brian said...

You can always count on your pal Jack to help with your special project LOL!

Remington said...

Beth here....I hear you, my friend....I try not to get involved with groups like that. I just like to keep to myself and play a little football with Rem and play silly games with my kitties....that's good enough for me....they can deal with the "rules'....ha ha!

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties said...

Yeesh, if I had a neighborhood group, I think I'd have to smack people... Go all momma-cat on them for putting their noses in everyone elses business... But then, when my neighbors threatened to call the city on us for having a broken garage roof (give a person time to raise the money to raise the roof!) I threatened to tear down the garage and make an ugly patio out of the cement floor complete with hidious lawn furniture and paint everything like a tie dyed shirt! And I'd sit out there and tell the rest of the neighborhood why I did it too! Good thing it didn't come to that. I'm not crazy about tie dye, lol!

Webster said...

Oh, they just want to keep the property taxes up. I adhere to the adage that "tall fences make good neighbors," at least most of the time.

Also, Jack goes nicely with coffee in a lidded coffee cup. Just sayin', since you just have to drive a very short distance. :-)

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