Friday, March 2, 2012

I'm Not Happy

~ * +* ~
I took Jodie Isabella in to the vet
for her last set of shots just a bit ago.
I am not happy.
The technician that is at the front desk
and who also does the shots is
well just driving me crazy.
Any time I ask a question she answers
like she doesn't know anything about anything.
This has been going on since I got Jodie.
(This person is a recent hire.
Not who I have had in the past.)
I have previously wondered why they hired her.
I just don't get it.
On the phone she's the same way.
And, every time I take Jodie in for her shots,
I get this person.
And every time, she's still the same.
So it isn't that she's new to the job.

She forgets to put Jodie's weight on the paperwork.
I have to remind her and today just was the worst.
She tells me she's left handed
and has to have Jodie in this position or that position.
(This is the first time Jodie was big enough
to get her shots while on the floor
instead of on the exam table.)
She poked my baby three times.
Still couldn't get it in.
Had to get a new needle.
The next time with me helping
 I sort of held my hand down on Jodie's tail.
Jodie yelled
and all sorts of people came to see what happened.
This tech quickly says that I stepped on my dog.
I so wanted to say that this tech doesn't know what she's doing.
When she was done with the three shots,
 I had to remind her that Jodie needed her nails trimmed.
Then there was the talk about if I wanted to help her do it
or if it was ok to take Jodie in the back
so she could get some help doing it.

 I tell you I was so glad to get out of there.
Glad and mad.
Why do they hire someone like that ?
Now, I need to find a new vet.
I really can't take this anymore.
Today was it.
I can't trust my baby to this place.
I've been going there for over ten years.
I like the vet but who hires someone like this.
Seriously .. I won't have her touch my baby again.
I feel like telling this vet why I'm leaving
but he has so much business
that he wouldn't care and I'm sure
he'd think it was me and not his employee.

How do you find a good vet
for your babies ?

Seriously, I thought I had one
but now I don't.

Hope your Friday and weekend is fun
and all your Purr and Fur Balls
are napping away.

~ JC and Jodie Belle ~
She's napping now.


Fuzzy Tales said...

I'm sorry this person was hired and is allowed to continue in the job.

I can tell you that the front desk staff and any techs I deal with don't much like me (that's the vibe I get), though the vets have been okay, or have disguised it better. LOL.

Could be because I don't take anyone's word as gospel, because I do my own research, ask questions and say "no" to stuff that the average would just go along with.

So I'm not popular, but unfortunately the cats need a vet and I think it would be the same at any clinic.

If you feel you want to tell the vet why you are leaving, do so, even via letter if you prefer. It's more for YOU.

And good luck finding someone who has *good* techs.

Or, a sudden thought: Could you stay at your clinic but ask for another tech or go when that one isn't working?

Random Felines said...

You have to be able to stand up for your animal - they can't speak for themselves. And a lack of respect from the staff, as least as far as I am concerned, is a trickle down effect. I will say that you need to speak your peace - write a letter, let it sit and then reread and mail it. Then find a new vet....ask friends and co-workers...if someone loves their vet (and we do), they will be happy to give a reference.

Jacqueline said...

That is a very bad feeling to have when you go to the vet; it's a shame one person can make such a big difference in the quality of care...Good luck with finding someone who feels right for your babies...Jodie Isabella is a gorgeous sweetie and she is very lucky to have such a caring Mommy...Hope you all have a great weekend.

Cat said...

That is terrible! At the clinic I take my animals to there are four vets and only one of those I really trust with my babies. Unless it is an emergency, when I call for appointments I ask who is working and schedule my visit only when the doctor I like is in. I think you can probably do the same thing with the techs. I would just plainly say that you don't care to see whoever that person is. It is your pet and your money, you should be able to dictate how things happen :-)

Sweet Purrfections said...

I'm still not totally happy with the last few vets I took Sweet Praline or Truffle and Brulee to, but I guess I'm wanting perfection and totally bedside manner from all involved. If you don't feel comfortable, you need to find someone else, but the vet does need to know.

Mom Paula

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties said...

I would have told that woman that no I sure as heck didn't step on my dog and then tell the other people who came that this woman was not up to the task and could one of them do it? I know it's hard, but you have the right to fire a person from your pets care the same as you have to fire them from your own care while staying at the same hospital or whatever. Tell them that you want to stay because you like the vet, but you will not have this person touch your dog ever again. If they don't agree with that, then leave.
I agree that you have to stand up for your pet because they can't do it for themselves.
I don't want this to come across as me picking on you, far from it! I'm just ticked at that woman on your behalf too! poor doggie and poor you for having to deal with her.

JC said...

Thank You for your comments. It has made me feel a bit better. Jodie is fine but I watched her most of the day/evening to be sure. I had decided if something went wrong that I would sue them.

I do not want that person touching my beloved pets anymore.

I usually just back away from a situation. I don't like conflict or fights but this time I might ask to talk to the main Dr. to tell him why I'm leaving.

I'm sure he'll think I'm the one with the problem and I am .. his employee.

If they can't give shots to a puppy, they shouldn't be working or at least have someone shadow them. I'm all for learning and even for those that are a bit how do I say this, challenged, but not this time. Not on my baby.

And, I was so mad that I just wanted to get out of there. I sat in my car though and just wanted to go in and yell at her.

I told Mr. Boatman about it and said find a new vet. He's busy busy and knows that telling the guy would be the best thing to do but doesn't have time.

So, I might just do it on Monday when the vet is back.

This vet is the president of the vet association for my state. He's fancy or at least he thinks he is.

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