Friday, October 7, 2011

Fall In The Northwest

It's rainy
It's wet
It's yucky out
It's Fall in the Northwest

Meredith Ann and I are at the beach place
She loves it here
Lots of room to run and nap
Two of her favorite things
Really, she does like to run around the halls
Especially likes to sing in the bathroom
I think it's the echo effect
and that she likes to hear her own voice

Maddy Jean likes it here too
Running around the yard
Barking at the Seagulls

Jasmine decided to come with
Which means, I got her before she hid under the bed
She's been singing too

I'm going to spend a quiet weekend
Drinking tea
And, reading my book.
I leave one here just for that.

Saw one new dog on petfinder
that might fit in with our crazy home
It's out here by the beach area
I might call them

And, that is my update on this
very wet Friday

~ JC & Meredith Ann ~


Remington said...

So like a beautiful way to spend the day. Nothing better than some tea and a good book! I hope you find the perfect friend to join your family....have a relaxing weekend, my friend....

clairz said...

It's funny, but if I were to experience a whole day of slow and steady rain, it would be so heavenly. We get big clouds here in the desert and they sweep in with promises of rain, then sweep right on by us. Very occasionally we get a nice rainfall, but it never lasts more than a few minutes.

Ah, well, we always love to complain about the weather! I'll look forward to reading about the new dog possibility.

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~ Jose N. Harris

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