Monday, September 19, 2011

Mondays With Meredith Ann

Oh, those were the days my friends
I thought they would never end
Do you know that song ?
What a Purrfect Summer I had.
Like the wind blew in over night.
Fall has arrived.
My porch is wet.
I can't go outside like I want.
(I've asked Mom to remodel the house for me.
Add an awning or something to the porch area
so I can go outside during the wet and cold season.
I'm going to go stir crazy if I have to stay
inside with my other Purr Brothers and Sister.)
Luckily for me, we have the beach place.
It does have the over hang on the deck.
I can sit outside on it and not get wet.
Even though Mom says I should come in.
I don't.
She gets me after a while.
She's just that way.
That's why I like her.
This last weekend, we sat in the rocking chair.
Just her and me.
I purred my heart out.
She heard me.
It's love I tell ya.
Mom says I'm healing her soul.
(She's still sad about losing Bella.)
Ah, it's nothing Mom.
I'm here for you but you better get working
on that deck for me.

Til Next Week,
This is,
~ Meredith Ann ~


Rose H (UK) said...


Brian said...

Actually Monday isn't too bad of a day for me, I just wish it only came around once a month instead of every week!

Remington said...

Great post, my friend. Just stay close to your mommy and keep on purring....

clairz said...

Ah, fall. It's here in the desert, too. We can go for walks and enjoy the cooler weather. I love it.

Lori at Jarvis House said...

Sorry to hear about Bella. I hope that your summer shaped up as well as ours did. With all of the rain on Long Island, things never turned brown in August. The transplanted huge azaleas really took and cuttings of butterfly bushes and hydrangeas in just pots rooted without much trouble. My son got a Boxer resuce dog and we all olve him. His name is Nick and he is three years old. What a great dog. sometimes, like today and for the next few days I drive over to let him out during the afternoon so that he can play outside.

LeAnn said...

I am really miffed at you! My furs are standing straight up and my tail is puffy!
Do you realize that it just gives all the other Moms ideas? Mine put a HARNESS on me!!! It was horrible!
Hiss Hiss~
Oliver Thomas O'Malley

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

you LOVE you pets like i love mine..they are my WHOLE WORLD...i love them like children...if you don't mind me asking...what happened with Bella. march 3, 2010 i suddenly lost my Buddy to heart just about did me in...and then i got Teddy...he saved me...i LOVE and ADORE Teddy...and my sweet, sweet Buddy is FOREVER in my of him are eveywhere....makes me cry thinking about him.....

i wish a peaceful heart for you, my friend and send heartfelt sympathy to you...

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