Thursday, September 22, 2011

All Over

I see them all over my yard.
In the front
In the back
Small ones
Big blue ones
I was in the back yard
wondering where they go when it gets cold
which it seems to be doing
weather wise that is
Not tonight though
seventy three in the hallways
with most windows open
Still there is the coolness
Calling to us
The woods that surround my yard
seem to be getting ready
For the change that is coming
Do the dragonflies fly away ?
Must look this one up.

Just my thoughts while I sit with my
silly snowshoe Siamese, Jasmine Marie.

~ JC ~


Anonymous said...

We have never seen a dragonfly!

clairz said...

Hope you have a lovely fall weekend!

Naturegirl said...

Dragonflies have a very special meaning for me..a happy dance they perform diving in and about.I have never given any thought to where they go when the snow flys..I wonder why that is.I am always worried about the butterflies and hummers but have never given the dragonfly the same thought..I shall now that I have read your wonderful poem!
My Babie is not one to stay still for Paisley get all the publicity.Hope all is well at
U of T. =^.^=

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~ Jose N. Harris

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