Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tuesday Memories

Now that I'm home
I can show you the gate
that Riley gets over
to get to the front yard
Jasmine Marie sitting on the deck
in her rocking chair
This cat knows how to
 enjoy a Holiday weekend
Riley tried to show her
 how to escape
She just looked at him as her
 silly little brother
Who would want to do that ?

The Holiday weekend was
 sort of relaxing
The wind and clouds didn't make the best weather
Only a few shines of light
 made it to my world
Still managed to enjoy the quiet
 of our beach place
Nothing like it

The noise of the Holiday
 weekend did arrive
Crackers and Rockets
 shined in the evening skies
The wind was a wild element

My boys had a fabulous time
It's safe when you shoot
over the water
Very pretty too

I didn't have my camera
 during the light show
Thus, you'll have to
 take my word for it ...

Now that we are home
Ashton is watching bird TV
He loves it so

This week will be sort of busy
I have lots to do
The weather is supposed to get
into the 90's which is
for this part of the world

I would really just like a nice
70's with a slight breeze
kind of Summer day
but who wouldn't ...


Brian said...

Great pics y'all, I love Bird-TV too!!!

Roses and Lilacs said...

The heat wave is sitting over us too. Miserable just stepping outside. Hoe it doesn't last long.

Carolynn said...

I love your kitties. Jasmine Marie is absolutely gorgeous! And, I think she has the right idea with regard to relaxation.

Amy and The House of Cats said...

That is a huge gate for him to escape from - he is talented!

And the weather is just crazy this year - hot most places, but until recently it hasn't been too bad here (the past weekend got hot of course). Hopefully things cool off soon for you (and everyone else too!)

Remington said...

Grea pics! That is our favortie channel too! Hope the heat won't last too long for you....

Jacqueline said...

I love your header, it's gorgeous and the kitty photos are fabulous, they are all beautiful babies...I've missed visiting with you since I've been out of town due to family illness, but hope all is well with you guys...Sounds like you had a lovely holiday weekend...Kisses to your sweet kitties/puppies...Take care and have a happy week.

Feral Female said...

Wonderful photos!

Cat said...

I can't believe your cat Riley can jump over that gate. It looks so high, he must be very agile!

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