Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Does anyone else get bears ?

Black Bear .. not taken by me

Update ~
 I called the number listed in my county for reporting black bears.
 They really were of no help.
I actually asked her if she wanted my address.
 I asked what they do and she said write it down and
if lots of people call they send someone out to look around.
Basically, nothing.
She said it would probably go back to the woods.
 I live by the woods ...

The bird feeders have been taken down
No more bird tv

Last night there was a huge noise
I ran downstairs
Ok, I walked very fast

Opened the front door to see what was going on
And, there it was
I closed the door so fast
And yelled

A black and brown bear sat on my sidewalk
Only four or five feet from my front door
It went to the driveway after a while
Just sat there

Mr. Boatman got his big light
He flashed it at the bear
through the window
It finally went back into the side woods
That surround our house
At least we think it did
Was after ten and very dark out
Black bear .. not taken by me
You could hear noises around our yard
Like it was getting into garbage cans
(Tuesday is our day)

We took in all of our bird feeders
The bear had tried to get the one
That hangs from the tree
that we see from the den
I have a number to call
to report black bears

Now what am I going to do
to entertain these kitty cats ?

And, what about the bird
feeders and the new bag of
bird food ?

Mr. squirrel and his wife
are eating the seeds that are
on the sidewalk that were left behind

Does anyone else get bears ?
Do you still feed the birds ?
Let me know please ....


Kea said...

Well, that was an adventure you probably could have done without!

No bears where I am, though once in a while one will wander into a city park and then run the risk of being killed outright, instead of tranquilized and removed.

In all my years growing up in the country in the province of Quebec, I saw a black bear in our back field only once and s/he didn't hang around long. Back in the days when we weren't encroaching on their territory so much, I guess.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

YIKES!!! What a scare.

ellen abbott said...

no bears here.

Sammy and Andy said...

MEOWZA!!!!!!!!!! We call that scary!!!!!!!!! Thankfully we don't have bears!!!

Laila and Minchie said...

OMC!!! No bears in the concrete jungle we live in. Maybe you can hang the bird feeders up higher?

Brian said...

We haven't seen any in our neighborhood yet, but there have been some close by. They look pretty scary to me too!

Jacqueline said...

Sounds like you guys had an eventful night...No bears here, we are in the city...Hope you can start feeding the birds again soon=good luck with that.

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Well, we don't get bears here - I mean it is Chicago so the closest thing we have are the Chicago Bears. But seriously - that is just crazy that a bear was at your house. Like at your house. I feel bad for the bears, because obviously they would avoid people if they could - he must have been hungry to come that close. With the bird feeders I have no idea if they would be ok or not - I don't picture bears eating out of them but if they are desparate who knows. Could the people at the bear number tell you if the feeders would be ok - that would be my only suggestion.

clairz said...

What a surprise for you.

We sure did have bears in New Hampshire. We lived just down the road from Bear Brook State Park (and they meant it!). I used to feed my dog out on the deck and opened the door in the dark one morning and set the dog and her dish out there. Closed the door, and what a ruckus! Turns our she chased two bears (or they ran and she followed) off the deck into the woods.

All I could think of (once the dog came back) was--my hand! My poor little hand had been out there in the dark with BEARS. My hand, with a dish of yummy dog food in it!

I was pretty sure that we left the bears behind when we moved to the outskirts of a biggish city in New Mexico. However, the newspaper ran an article recently with the headline "Bear Spotted in Pecan Orchard North of Las Cruces." Guess where we live? Yup, in a pecan orchard north of LC...

Remington said...

Yep, we have had one. They are all around here. I haven't taken my feeders down. Most of them just stay in the woods.

Judy said...

PS The police in Ottawa have had to shoot two half grown moose in the last couple of months. Does that count?

Judy said...

When my elder daughter was living in Banff, she sent me a newspaper clipping about a black bear that was walking down the sidewalk and discovered that the doors of the supermarket opened, so he went inside. He did some shopping, but he just sat and ate, rather than carting it all home. Really liked the strawberry mousse cakes, as I remember. He left eventually. The employees all stayed safe, but the shoppers were not that smart.
Maybe you can put the bird feeders up in the daytime...

Purrfect Haven said...

blimey - no bears here and am I thankful to not have that to freak out over. Sometimes there are sightings of big cats in the woods and talk... speculation of roaming panthers... but no bears. Helen x

The Teacher's Pets said...

As cute as bears are and as hungry as they may look I've never given in to feeding them but there are several people in the CITY of Manchester and in towns nearby who have done so and the result is not pretty. Needless deaths of bears all b/c of lack of education.
I am your newest follower! It looks like the perfect blog for me filled with dogs AND cats, my 2 favorite subjects!
My blog is always filled with stories about dogs, cats, turtles, birds, and more because I am a professional pet sitter in NH. Hope to see you over at my blog sometime soon!

Roses and Lilacs said...

When we lived in Oregon we had bears and a family of skunks living under the house.

The bear will probably leave if he can't get at the bird feeders and he doesn't smell garbage from any neighbor's cans. Meanwhile, be very careful when letting your dogs outside. How awful to have one of them tangle with a bear.

JC said...

With not bird feeders or suets in my yard, it is very quiet. Those birds are spoiled. No food. No visiting. Cats are still looking out the windows hoping for adventure tv.

We have talked about putting the feeders out just for the day and taking them in at night.

I might wait on that though for a while. We figure the bear has come to our house at least four times .. always at night.

the7msn said...

No bear stories to share ... and that's a very good thing.

Thanks for following on to my blog!

Darlene said...

EEEEKKK bears?!?! We don't have bears thank goodness. That would be REALLY scary!!!

Pam said...

We have bears around here, but I've never seen any. Scary.

LeAnn said...

We do not have bears where I live.
HOW can you even THINK about eliminating Bird TV??????
The HORROR!!!!!!!!!!

Noll's Nip said...

We interrupt your normal bird TV for a special bear TV program....

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