Saturday, April 17, 2010

Where Did It Go ?

Where did it go ?

I called an old friend
She sounded almost the same
The tone of her voice
The memories of a long gone past

It was like yesterday
Only it wasn't
What I recall
Was then
Now is grey

Can one go back ?
I remember this
She talked of that
Together we laughed

I was young
So was she
Older now
Memories fade

I can still see her
I'm young
Is it just my dream
Or, is it in my heart

Where did it go ?
My energy
Her fast talks

We are slower

Is she still there ?
I think
Time has done us

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Brian said...

I don't know where it went, but there are a lot of humans looking for it!

Cop Mama said...

I love the contrast of then and now. Beautiful.

This reminded me of a childhood friend I haven't seen in years. Maybe, someday, we'll reconnect.

Jacqueline said...

Yes, why does it seem to go so much quicker the older we get??...I really enjoy your writing JC, it's always lovely...Hope you are enjoying your weekend...Kisses to your beautiful babies.

Cheyenne -Millie said...

We wish to be young forever! A very thoughtful post!

My mom has lost track of some of her friends! Bad mom!

Lisa said...

Yes, where did it go? Really, this June will be 23 years that I graduated from high school. I graduated from college 17 1/2 years ago. WOW. Where the hair was once (and naturally) dark brunette is now streaked with silver. I still feel like the 17 year brazen young thang, just trapped in a body that the world sees as middle age! Love your post.

Maha said...

I loved your poem. it was beautiful how you connected time with the fact of aging

Star said...

Nice take on the clock and time passing. I have kept in touch with my friend, who I met when we were five years old. We have seen a few years go by, 53 in fact! Recently we discussed our hair colour. I said I would let mine go grey when I hit 60. She said she would never go grey. What does that tell you?
Blessings, Star

Jingle said...

it went to your imaginations,
beautiful writing!
Happy Sunday!

Helen said...

I enjoyed your word poem ... a great friend of mine is arriving for a visit next month. I haven't seen her in years ~ we will pick up right where we left off ... maybe a little slower but just as sincere.

christine said...

Yes I think we all want time to be less cruel but the memories linger and even though we might be slower, life is life as so be it!
Your poem was lovely.


spacedlaw said...

I can imagine you, opening the watch, trying to push the hands back.

Vicki Lane said...

Love 'I remembered this/ She talked of that.' A fine piece.

Brian Miller said...

very nicely done magpie...i have old friends that have just recently surfaced once again...this could also be taken as missing the younger you that is still there inside...smiles.

Catalyst said...

JC, your writing made me think of a voice on my answering machine yesterday . . an 80 year old woman's wispy, tired tone coming from a peppy, young woman I knew at 40. Sad how these things happen.

Lyn said...

This has so much heart..really, "then" seems like just a moment ago...

rel said...

very well done.
the right words to convey that timeless feeling.

joanny said...

Your poem sings "Yes" to the gentle and forgiving movement of time and friendship and aging.

Lovely piece,

sheri... said...

am much as i'd like to deny it, i find myself in your words...only, it doesn't bother me the way i once thought it would! great job!!

willow said...

It certainly does go, and all too quickly, too.

Sh@KiR@ CK said...

very nice to read. so gentle.
indeed where did time go?
very lovely.
mine is here
this is my first magpie tale.
have you a great week.

JC said...

I wrote about a phone call I had with an old High School friend. Wrote it quick .. could have refined it a bit but I went with it. I'm trying to write each week even if I'm busy. Thanks for the kind remarks ...

Jennifer said...

This one's timely for me. I'm visiting an old and dear friend this summer - we've only seen each other a few times in the past 30 years.

Your poem is a reminder to honour the past but cherish the present. And to remember that we're two different people: "I remember this/she talked of that"

Well done. Sorry it took so long to get here!

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