Sunday, September 20, 2009

Monday Memories

Although it is only Sunday night, I have decided to remember Monday and the memories I have of Summer. I put together a few pictures from my Ocean vacation. Some of the grass, a couple of the sand and of course the Ocean. I added the crane from my little beach place. Just cause I got a close up of it with my new camera which I think is about the coolest thing ever.

Fall is here. It was cold this morning. Fog was coating the hills. By mid morning, the sun was warming me up again but it was that thought of thinking about turning the heat on. Just that thought .. means that Summer is gone. Oh but not forgotten ..

I know that what I did this Summer only exists in my world. The things I saw. The way it made me feel. The smell of the air. The water rolling in. The moment that I ran back and forth collecting shells. Those all belong to me.

I wanted you to see .. what I saw ... what I felt ... for just one more moment.

On this Monday that I think is meant for Memories ...

(Oh and you are welcome .. I did it for you as much as I did it for me )


Laoch of Chicago said...

Very nice montage!

Reese =^..^= said...

Makes me want to go to the beach! What nice memories.

The Creek Cats said...

Such a beautiful summer collage!

Webster said...

Lovely photos indeed. We have another day of Summer. Tomorrow. The Fall begins on Tuesday - and guess what? Both days are expected to be 80 degrees! So savor this gentle changing of the seasons we are having this year. Savor it.

The Curious Cat said...

Thanks for sharing this with us xxx

Anonymous said...

What lovefurly photos. We have to say, we really didn't have much of a summer this year. :o(

Kathy B! said...

What a beautiful photo collage. I am sad to see the end of summer. I wasn't quite finished yet!

Mad About Pets said...

Aww, your Jasmine looks just like our Rory! He's pure seal-point though w/out a spot on his chin (though he does have a white spot on the tummy!) Gotta love meezers :)

Noll's Nip said...

Beautiful arrangement. Isn't the ocean magical :)

Roses and Lilacs said...

Wonderfully put. That is the secret of memories. None of us feel exactly the same about experiences so our memories are our own. Your photos are beautiful, hope your memories are beautiful too;)

Judy said...

JC, I have had a lovely time catching up with you!! Now that my course is done, and I can cut back to studying 2 hours a day for the provincial exam, I can visit with my friends again. I do not beleive you are fat at all; you are simply vertically challenged. And it is coming to the time of year when the cats want lots of you so they can all share...

Joanne said...

Lovely photos and the nice thing about blogging is all the memories stored in the blogs.

Joanne said...

There's nothing like spending time at the beach, is there? Thanks for jogging some of my own summer memories here.

Christina said...

oh this is lovely. just lovely.xoxo

Cats of wildcat Woods said...

I miss the beach so much - thanks for sharing yours with us!

Sherri said...

JC, love these pics!

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