Friday, September 18, 2009

Perplexed ...

So here goes ...
I am over weight. Have been for several years.
Last year I lost twenty lbs. Felt so good about myself.
Around July of last year, it slowly started to come back.
Not that I did anything ... really. I just started to eat .. again.
I eat whole wheat pasta, whole wheat rice, whole wheat bread.
Fake all organic chips. Meat. Fish. Basically, organic foods.

Now, in my struggle to figure out .. what the h double l's ..
is going on.
I have given up all pasta. I don't even know what chips look like.
I don't even stop by their row to admire from a far.
Chocolate ... what's that. I bought one slice of cake to share on my birthday.
We even did that for another family birthday.

I've eaten so many veggies .. I think that broccoli is the new four letter word.
I've looked on line. Maybe I have thyroid problems.
Only everything says that most things don't work.
It seems that anything I put in my mouth .. lowfat or not ... makes me gain weight.

Do I exercise ? No, I do not.
Why ? After my coma, my right side is weak.
It sometimes likes to go a different direction than the rest of my old body.

I hope that this stops. The weight gain. I feel like a cherry ... plumb as can be.
I am in a good mood about all this. What else can I do ?
To gain weight when you're eating nothing fun is insane.

Go to a Dr ? No Way ... won't go to them anymore.
It's just me and figuring out what to do.
Just wanted to get it all out there ...
Been one of those frustrating months ...
Even diet dinners make me gain weight ...

I'm down to water ...

Not that I feel sorry for myself ...

I'm just perplexed to the max ...


STUEY said...

Well I am in the same boat, is called the SS Menopause! Sets sail around 50 and they wt. just piles on. I too drink h2o, no pop, no sweets, plenty of fruits and veggies, plus vitamins. To no avail, my sister who turned fifty last yr, always was skinny, ha not any more. Just like me ;). DAR. So just enjoy life.

JC said...

With all I've been through ... coma, nerve pain, migraines ... this is nothing at all

Just frustrating ...

Wonder if I start eating junk foods again ... maybe I'll lose

Wouldn't that be funny ...

And, yes ... I'm now 53 ... oh how the h double l did that happen

Noll's Nip said...

LOL...well, I am the "sister" Stuey is referring to! I was skinny because I was sick for over 10 years (ulcerative colitis). When this problem went away, I gained weight. Atkins worked for me. Lost over 40 lbs. BUT, my carb tolerance level turned out to be very low. It was the equivalent of a piece of fruit and some veggies. So my diet was basically meat/chicken/fish, low starch veggies, berries. Pretty impossible to maintain. I wish I knew the answer - I'm suspecting it's all tied into hormones.

Coffee Slut said...

I've gained 50 pounds in the past 4 years thanks to menopause. Ugh sucks!

Cats of Wildcat Woods said...

Yep - it is menopause - our hormones betray us and we get heavier just looking at food. You can lose weight but it means not eating much of anything! No fun there so just let it go. Not much we can do anyway!

Laoch of Chicago said...

After my stroke I had pretty disparate strength levels between my right and left sides. It was a year before I could return to the gym so I controlled my weight and got exercise by walking increasing longer and longer distances. It made a difference for me.

Star said...

I think you need to kick-start your body. If the body has been used to not getting much, then it will compensate and run on less. What you need to do now is to go ordinary. For example, eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and nothing else. Have one snack a day (that's a treat which you can look forward to!), don't take fizzy drinks or other high calorie drinks because they pile on the weight without your even trying. Good luck with it. Eat more, but eat wisely. Your body will soon adjust to the new regime and stabilise itself. It needs to know that you care about it and you aren't going to starve it anymore. All that said, just enjoy your life and don't worry about the weight. If you are happy, your body will be happy too and who really cares if you are a bit overweight?? not really, just be happy.
Blessings, Star

Jcatmom said...

Thanks for all the input ...

I need to walk ... my right side is almost done with it's latest weakness ... they come and go

I also have a work out tape that is too hard for me but if I do just a bit of it .. wouldn't hurt .. I hope

I don't drink sodas .. just water with cranberry juice .. tea ... coffee in the morning ..

No chips, lowfat everything ..

I'm not a breakfast gal .. which I'm trying to change ..

I'll keep you all up to date on my weighty issues ..

Might as well ..

Jcatmom said...

I'm at the beach house and this puter has me as Jcatmom instead of JC ... just so you know it's me ..

Fin said...

I'd like to say this is not an issue at the HC but it is. I understand your frustration.

Meg The Mom

LeAnn said...

I vote for crappy stupid menopause too.
It is making my life SUCK!!
The monster hangs around all the time in one form or another and I am sick of it!
BUT.... things could always be worse!
Hang in the JC girl!! As you always do!
Is DH starting new job tomorrow or is this the week he is taking off?
Looks like Maddy is gone. Haven't seen her in weeks. Hoping she is off with her other family I always suspected she has.
Had to capture Malley and Boris tonight and bring them to the new house... they were hanging around the old one, which is just over the fence so not a really big deal.
Boris is po'd.

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