Wednesday, August 5, 2009

He Said She Said ... What

There is a family gathering that was planned without asking my side of the family.
We already had plans.
Mr. Boatman asked me to rearrange them.
I'm not happy about it but I did it.
Now I hear that this date was planned a while ago by my D.
I talked to my D.
She says she doesn't know anything about it.

So, back and forth go the emails and I'm quite amused by the

He Said, She said ... with everyone going .. What

I'm so glad it's not my family and I know for sure I didn't say anything ...
Of course, Mr. Boatman ... who is gone traveling ... will do whatever ... cause that's who he is and what he does when it comes to his family ...
which drives me crazy and is one of the reasons Mr. Boatman and I have trouble
And as my Mom ... who ends up was very wise ... would say ... and,

this too shall pass

Now, I need to go to Lowe's cause the handle on my sliding glass door broke off. Yes, it is dangling upside down ... imagine me with two dogs who want to go in and out and me figuring out how to let them .. go in and out ...

My son said ... a he said .. moment but I was there to verify ... use Dad's super glue ... no, I don't think so ... can you imagine that one ...

Off to shop ... and not for bubble bath ...


Anonymous said...

We hate the He said/She said...too confusing! But, we say defenitely go for the green doorknob! :o) Hope everything works out for y'all...

Sherri said...

Sorry about all the he said/she said stuff! Hope that gets resolved. Good luck buying a handle for your door!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Oh oh --I know a "He said She said" can be frustrating! I hope you are both able to work it out.

Good luck with repairing that handle. They don't make things to lasy anymore, do they?

JC said...

I'm back from Lowe's ... the local 'everything for the home' store ... of course they did not have white ... the color of the trim of our door.

I finally got a yucky black one ... going to see if I can get it off and on by three ... which is when I have to have the car at the repair shop for an estimate.

And, more emails are going back and forth ... I can only assume that 'things were said' and I'm catching them at it ...

Can you tell that I do not get along with Mr. Boatman's family ... has always been stressful and I try to stay away. Which I will this time too but still drives me crazy ...

And, I'm off to read the directions for taking a door apart ... wish me luck ... oh, I'll need more than that ... a Whiskey and a cute repair man would be handy but I'll take a coke and Jasmine Marie ... aka ... the superkitty ... she's on duty today ...

STUEY said...

That is so true, we had the same situation when it came to family, always ended up being his family coming first, hated it. Missed alot of time with mine. I just bit my tongue, I say pay-back is a bitch! Seems we women remember, men just wipe it from their minds. Smile my sweet!

Reese =^..^= said...

Oh, wow! What a day.

janis said...

I love these handles! I got sidetracked! Yeah, we have alot of that he said she said on both sides of our family too!
Back to the handles now~ ooeww, I really like them. I wand to get all new handles for the kitchen at the new house. There are 38 handles to buy :(
ps what kind of coffee did you try?

JC said...

I'm back from getting the two estimates on Mr. Boatman's car ... one for the back end that was hit ... and 2nd one for the front that Mr. Boatman got paid for and did not repair.

And, I'm having to find out what model and make ... of a car I never drive. I did it but still ...

Door ~ I took it apart and noticed it was still locked. The yucky black one is the wrong model.. this is where a boyfriend who have come in handy ... so, I redid the broken handle and put the yucky black one back in its package and taped it up. Will try to take it back tonight or tomorrow ... Son convinced me that the glue .. with two tubes that you combine would temporarily fix the door ... no, it just turned it orange ... with my son saying .. give it more time ... I think an hr is enough time don't you

Oh, and more emails about the family get together ... oh the wonder of marriage ...

Coffee ~ Peets ... I think it's called .. verdict is out not sure if I'll buy it again

Tuck said...

I always wonder why guys neglect to mention these things. I'm always told "I didn't think it would be a big deal." If that's the case then they should have just mentioned it earlier. I'll never understand why they do what they do...

JC said...

And, if the 'big deal' wasn't the day before my birthday .. which we had already made plans for ..

I need to get busy on my kitchen ... was on my list of things to do today and I had to do this other stuff.

Emailing Mr. Boatman from his travel a moment ago ...

Mew at you all later

Laoch of Chicago said...

I like the super glue idea.

Webster said...

Two words: Duct tape.

Family mis-communication: Hahahahahahahaha

dog trot farm said...

Husband's tend to focus on work related items and family issues seem to be left to us. Good luck with the door handle!

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