Thursday, August 6, 2009

Calgon Take Me Away

So I wake up this morning

Have my coffee in hand

No internet

I restart the puter


Ends up my teenage son disconnected the connection last night

My 16 year old son who won't read his AP English book .. he has to read two books by Sept. 2nd .. got mad at me and in this madness decided to get back at me and disconnect me from cable

I woke him up and asked him how to check the box ... that resides upstairs ... near his puter. He says, maybe a cable is loose. I check ... nothing is on ... I go back and ask him if he unplugged something. He gets up and plugs it back in. I ask him for an explanation ... he walks back to bed. I'm annoyed as hell at him.

So, I go down to my puter and finally get my email. What do I find ? A typhoon is hitting Taipei .. that's where Mr. Boatman is this week ... and he has to catch an earlier flight back home ... if he can get one.

I went up to the teenage son and yelled at him and let's put that in caps ... YELLED ... I'm sure everything will be ok ... and if it's not ... not much I can do about it from here.

My 'list' for the day now has added things ... check to see if Mr. Boatman gets on a plane. What day is it over there and what time ? He didn't answer his cell phone.
And, I forgot that the guy is supposed to show up today to give an estimate on the siding ... on the back of the house ... that's at ten ... which means I have to clean the yard ... dogs ... no explanation for that one.

And, I have to take the handle back to the store ... wrong one. Looked ok to me but what do I know ... more than I did yesterday. Go to the store that does have it ... looked online and found one that looks almost right.

Makes yesterday & the emails back & forth with my sister in law seem a bit ridiculous ... doesn't it ?

When it rains it pours ... typhoons ... Calgon Take Me Away !!!


The Kool-Kittie-Krew said...

Sorry to hear your day isn't going too well. We hope Mr. Boatman gets home safely

Sherri said...

I really hope your day looks up JC! I hope Mr. Boatman gets home safely!

Roses and Lilacs said...

Gee, I hope everything is OK with your husband.

Kids...reminds me of the song "You can't live with 'em but you just can't shoot 'em". Hope the rest of the day is quieter.

Sally in WA said...

I hope Mr. Boatman makes it home safely! That will be one less thing to add to your stress.

Damn kids. Ya love 'em but there are times you just want to take a 2x4 upside their heads. :-)

JC said...

UPDATE ~ I had my D drive my son ... and I'm not really sure he's mine cause of the way he's been acting ... anyway, she dropped him off at the local library with a ten and a bottle of water. Had him charge up his cell phone. Told him not to call til the book was finished or the library was closing.

I like my d today

I returned the wrong door handle. Drove to the other store that had the handle but in black instead of white. I bought the black one. Came home and put it on the door. Doesn't look too bad ... considering.

The siding guy came at ten. We will get the other quote next week.

Checked flights for Mr. Boatman. Two went out last night ... Thursday night for Taipei ... so, I will know more late this evening. I would hope he'd call if he didn't get on the plane.

I'm not going to worry about him unless I don't hear from him tonight.

I now am having leftover pasta from last night and when I'm done ... the 'list' is a waiting for me

Hope your day is going PURRfectly ...

Laoch of Chicago said...

Your son is sending you some passive aggressive messages that you should investigate. Figuring out how to get him to tell you what is bothering him is a difficult but worthy quest.

Good weather wishes to your Husband.

Sabrina, Sam and Simon said...

JC, my neighbor just used the Calgon Take Me Away phrase this weekend! We all could use that welcome break, that's for sure. Now with the son situation, I can't even think of anything to say other than I hope he gets his stuff together. I only have stepchildren, so I never had to go thru the day in and day out stuff with the kids. I know Mr. Boatman will make it home safely, you have enough on your mind so be assured he will be safe. I am sending you hugs and Sabrina, Sam and Simon are sending you purrs and headbutts ...
Take care,

Reese =^..^= said...

How frightening. I hope everything turns out okay!

Kathy B! said...

Messing with internet connectivity is NOT okay! You deserve your Calgon moment for that alone. The rest is just gravy!!

SandyCarlson said...

What a tough moment! Ugh. Some pranks aren't funny. Enjoy the long bath.

dog trot farm said...

You certainly have earned your calgon escape, enjoy!

JC said...

I haven't heard from my son or Mr. Boatman ... been a peaceful day ... DD has made a chocolate cheesecake ... I'm doing the 'list' ...

I quess I don't need men in my life afterall ...

Tuck said...

I hope that you hear from Mr. Boatman soon. That's very scary...

Kritter Keeper said...

prayers to you jc! i hope boatman calls you...i would be going crazy if that were the good husband. keep us posted!

The Clever Pup said...

Err! Teenage sons that break computers. I have one right here.

Thanks for following!!

JC said...

Update ~ Mr. Boatman has landed in San Francisco ... he got one of the last flights out.

Son got back from the library and headed to his room ... not a word from him.

And, tomorrow is another day ...

Night Kitty Cats ..

Oh DD's cheesecake was delic ...

KathyB. said...

I am glad I read your post AND all comments. I am glad to read Mr. Boatman is on U.S. soil, son is in his room , computer is O.K. and kitties and you are saying nighty night. Aren't daughters wonderful?

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