Sunday, May 17, 2009

Saturday Night Date !!!

I actually went out on a sort of date on a Saturday night. I know. Shock of shock. Pick yourself off the floor kind of stuff.

What lead up to this you may ask ? Well, it was a sunny day. That alone would have been the best thing that‘s happened in a long while. We've had rain for like a year now. Ok, maybe just a week but it was so nice to have a warm afternoon.

We did a few things around the house. Mainly me telling my hubby what he needed to clean up. He’s a messy person and that’s being nice. I had made a list of a few things I wanted him to do or as I put it he could move to the boat and still have to clean up his stuff. He likes his boat but doesn’t want to live there so we got going on the list.

We had a box in the garage that was from when we moved in to this house some 14 odd years ago. Yes, fourteen years of ’we need to get to that, I think it might be in that box, you know the one in the corner with everything on it.’

I told him that today was the day. With the garage door open, and the sun shining in, we went through it. It was mainly old clothes in sacks. We moved here when my kids were five and two. There were a few items from those ages. Lots of cute little people shoes. The first boy shoes and the slip on flowery girl shoes. A cute pink swimsuit, a Halloween costume .. snow white .. one blue shoe that I remember last wearing when my son was two. Things like that.

We bagged the clothes and tied the shoes together and off to the local Boys and Girls Club bin we went. I love how you can donate … or what I call … getting rid of my junk .. by only going to your grocery store parking lot. Saves me having to converse with the guys at the Goodwill. They’re nice and all but quite a drive to not get a cup of coffee with the deal.

Anyway, back to the going out on a date. After we were done with that and the other things on the list, he says that he needs to buy a new sport coat for his business trip. I’m like ok. And, he adds, 'we could go out to eat before we look for a coat.' I tried to not jump up and down with girlish excitement. (Being in my 50's ... it isn't good for this arthritic bod to be doing that.) A date .. a real date. I haven’t done that in what twenty years. Youe'r right it’s probably been only five but still … what to wear …

I got on one of my new shirts that I bought for my Vegas trip. I knew I’d wear it again sometime. I even put on earrings and my wedding ring. I never wear those. Off I went to the local shopping mall. They just remodeled it and they have all sorts of new places to dine.

He decided that we should go for Italian. We park by the store where he thought he wanted to look. We walk in the mall and look around. No food. No info directory to be seen. We walk and walk and walk. Finally, we find a directory and the place he wanted to eat was outside the mall and across the parking lot. So, out I go, cause I’m determined to dine on this date. The wait is about 20 minutes which I thought wasn’t bad considering that there seemed to be a lot of people sitting outside in the sun. Which you have to remember we just aren’t used to. We were melting out there. It was an 80 degree day and we’d just come from a 40 wet week.

Food … I knew you would want to know. Delic. I got the cheese and spinach lasagna. The sauce was yummy. The bread sticks were so good. I had two. The glass of wine was asking for more but I knew we had to walk back across the parking lot into the mall and back to where the sport coats lived. So, one glass of wine it was.

We had a fun time. It’s funny how when you are actually dating .. you talk. We were tired from the day so we didn’t talk too much but it still was fun. To be out and about on a Saturday night. Wow .. it was like how the other half lives. I used to go out. Really I did. I was young once. I used to do a lot before I got married and had kids and a house and a yard and boxes in my garage to clean.

I’m home now. I even have my windows open to let in the cool air. The frogs or crickets are doing their evening song. My old dog is panting like crazy and going in and out and in and out. Same old stuff. You wouldn’t know that I had left my wooded domain and ventured out into the real world. No one would know. Except me.

I think I’ll do this again.Go out on a date with my cute hubby. Only I’m not going to wait ten years this time.

( This was written on Saturday night … it’s now Sunday morning. My daughter came home from college early this morning. Two am. I’ll write about that next week.)


clairz said...

I depend on those makers of movie sequels for my dating opportunities. Whenever a new Star Wars movie comes out, my husband and I actually go out for the evening!

And thank goodness for the Harry Potter movies, because he's a fan of those, too.

At this rate, I'm assured of at least two big dates every single year.

Thanks for showing me we're not the only ones happy to stay at home most of the time, even if we can't jump up and down with happiness about it any more. (lol)

Karen said...

My hubby and I just got back from our first trip without kids in 21 years! I felt like we were on a date all week, and we had so much fun. At first I didn't think we would have much to talk about, but we did have some nice talks, and not just about the girls! It was nice.

Kimberly said...

Date nights are wonderful. My hubby takes me out every week and I get flowers at least twice a month. When we got married he told everyone at our reception during his speech that while he now hd a wife I woould always be his girlfriend and he promised to treat me that way. Don't wait even another month. Go for pizza or even visit a local coffee shop. I fall in love with my "boyfriend" all over again during each date. :) Yeah, I know...I'm sappy!

critterlover said...

Sounds lovely!

Hubby and I do go out from time to time, usually to dinner. We have found dinner AND a movie take too long for us old folks. We fall asleep too early.

I'm glad you got to put on your jewelry and enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

What a great post! I'm glad you had a great date. It has been a while since I've had a good date but I am not giving up hope just yet. I am now hungry after reading your post. I think I will go have dinner now.

Noll's Nip said...

I smiled when I read about your "honey do" list ;) Your date sounded wonderful too.

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