Saturday, May 16, 2009

Lilac ~ Update

A possibility of Fragrance

I never thought this day could arrive.

The deer totally ate this lilac bush.

It regrew and now I have hope.

(I played around with photo shop ... budding photographer that I am)


Kritter Keeper said...

thank you for your nice comment on my blog! i love lilacs! daddy used to get little stems from the large bush and begin new bushes...i tried to no avail! i love your kitties. the black one looks like my big rocky! black cats rule!

Cats of Wildcat Woods said...

Looking forward to your lilac blooms. Sweet post about your two cats - they are gifts from above.

LeAnn said...

Ahhhhh Send the smell!!!

Carolyn said...

JC, I have had a lovely rainy morning reading your blog...what a treat. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about your four leggeds and your passion for lilacs. Thank you for stopping by my blog and I will be back.
Smiles and blessings

STUEY said...

My two meezers Kia & Simba and baby Stuey love lilacs too. Mommi has three planted one is a mini-bush yields such fragrant flowers, hmmmmmmmmmm! Mommi added you to the blogs she followers. And she wants to say if you are jelious of her 10 acres Noll's own my sister has 24 acres down the road from me! =^..^=

Star said...

I can't see my lilacs because they are blooming in my garden in England at the moment. I am however, enjoying yours instead! Thanks.
Blessings, Star

Lover of Life said...

I'm so glad they are coming back - lilacs are my favorite spring flower.

Anonymous said...

That's great! There is a lilac tree in the garden here, but it hasn't bloomed yet. Lilacs remind me of my Grandfather's house - that was a good memory.

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