Friday, May 15, 2009

Purrfect Together

My two boys !!!

Riley Andrew is now two years old. He is the baby.
Al, is his oldest brother. He is a Big Boy. We think he is about nine.
Al has taken his baby brother under his care. Always being the gentle giant.

I found them napping together. I've watched a tiny orange kitten with his big brother.

Now, that kitten is a tall young man sitting with his soft big brother.

I always say that my cats are spoiled for all of those that aren't.

I'm wrong.

I'm the one that is spoiled !!!


Roses and Lilacs said...

That's a great photo. Al looks twice as big as Riley. It's a good thing he is gentle with the little guy. My cats don't get along as well. They tolerate each other but the females are always hissing and huffing about something. It never really come to a fight.

Anonymous said...

Awwwww this is so cute.

scarlethue said...

Your tiny orange kitten looks a lot like mine! And Al is huge!!

I do know that my kitty, Eliza, she didn't mean to hurt me. She came and licked on my head later to apologize. She's always grooming us. I'm really more of a dog person, my husband loves cats, but I do enjoy having her around. She's funny and loving.

Anonymous said...

Your boys are very cute! It's good to be spoiled!

~Dana, Mom of Creek Cats~

Anonymous said...

What a lovely photo of their little bums! Love it!
Pet owners are very spoiled, I agree! They're so cute.

Noll's Nip said...

Being "spoiled" is the best :)

critterlover said...

I love that one of Big Al and little Riley. LOL, looks like my Ashes next to anyone else. Very cute and yes, we're the ones who are spoiled!

joey said...

Cute kids! You have a delightful spot to visit ... thanks!

Webster said...

Big Al's nickname could be Tubby! What a lapful!!

Cliff and Olivia said...


We heard your name over at Cats of Wildcat Woods.

Nice to meet you!

Kimberly said...

Aren't cat's great. My Maggie is pretty good size aas well. Fortunately, she has forgivenme for leaving her for 2.5 weeks while I was in the hospital and rehab. Now, she won't let me out of her sight. Part I think is fear I'll leave again and part is that hse knows something is wrong. I love my dog, but Maggie tends to be my "comforter".

Lover of Life said...

I have always preferred male cats - and female dogs. Male cats are sweet. Yours are adorable.

Cat with a garden said...

The second photo of the brofurs is so sweet! Purrs and a good start into the week! Siena & Chilli

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