Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I Did It ... Gave out my Life is Grand Awards

Life Is Grand Award

Cheri at Cats of Wildcat Woods gave me this award in April and I am now going to give this award to the Grand blogs that I have chosen. Each of you are Grand in my Eyes. Course I'm part Siamese so my eyes are a bit slanted at times.

This is how it works :

1. Give five reasons why you think life is Grand.
2. Pass the award on to five more blogs that you think are Grand.

Here are our five reasons I think life is grand:

1. My cats and dogs that give me such joy in life.

2. I wake up each meowning and I can walk and talk and feel most parts of my old body. Remember, I was in a coma and there were times when I couldn't do some those.

3. The Sky. I just love to look at it. The clouds, the sun, the planes, everything about it. I am fasinated by it and always will be.
4. Nature. I live in the woods and I am surrounded by it. Love the birds, flowers, grass, hills, even the weeds.

5. My true friends and my family ... ok, that's 5 and 6 but I slipped that in. I'll blame it on my slanted Siamese eyes.
Now, Five blogs that I would like to give this award to :
1 ) LeAnn at http://geeezblog.blogspot.com/ You started me on the blogging life and you are one of my Dear Purrball Friends. You also give me spiritual advice and our orange boys are digging a tunnel together. All Grand in my opinion.
2) Noll at http://nollsnip.blogspot.com/ I found you early in my blogging and I just love you. Maybe cause you're Siamese but there are so many other reasons.
3) Kim at http://myjourneywithms-kimberly.blogspot.com/ I have recently found her blog. I find her courage something that I am very in awe of. May I have half of what she has when my next need for it arises.
4) Siena & Chilli at http://catwithagarden.blogspot.com/ I also found you when I started blogging. You constantly amuse me. You are one of my favorite blogs. I have many but you are at the top of the Kitty Cat List.
5) Sheila @ http://critterlover-critterlover.blogspot.com/ You started blogging after LeAnn and I. You are also one of my Purrfect Friends and we have so much in common in our lives. One of them being slightly over weight Siameses.
OK, I'm done with my Grand Awards ... now, it's your turn.
I will be a Silly Snowshoe Siamese and let you all know how Grand you are to me.


LeAnn said...

WOW! I got an award! That never happened before!
The only thing is, I don't 'know' anyone else in the blogging world besides you and Sheila, lol! So I will second my vote for the two of you awesome ladies!!
And thank you for the kind words, JC. Especially today!!
Loves & Hugs!!

JC said...

When I got this award back in April. I couldn't think of 5. Now I've picked up quite a few blogs that I follow.

It's what I do when I have a cat on my lap and a dog sleeping on my foot and I do mean ON the foot.

You can just copy the symbol and put it on your blog. No need to actually give any of them out.

And about today, yesterday is the past. Nothing I can do about it. It's how I handle what comes next .. shows my true character. I hope I can make my Mom proud.

Loves & Hugs to You ... Remember you took my Heart a while ago !!!!!

JC said...

I wanted to say 'sorry' for the blogging errors in spacing etc. I didn't have time to go back and re edit but at least I got the Award finally out and about to all You GRAND Cats !!!

The Creek Cats said...

Congratulations on your award. You truely deserve it!!!

Kimberly said...


Thanks for thinking of me and the kind things you said! I look forward to passing this award on!

Noll's Nip said...

Thank you JC! I am honored. I'm like you...fairly new to the blogging world. I am amazed by and pleased to read as many blogs as I can. Everyone is so special, kind and welcoming. P.S., A while back, I also gave you an award...A Kreative Blogger Award. I got it from A Wizard and an Angel. I should have mentioned it at the time...but it was my first and I didn't quite do it the right way. It's there in the older posts :)

JC said...

Noll ~ I'll look it up. How exciting !!!

Cats of Wildcat Woods said...

Those were great reasons Life is Grand!

Cat with a garden said...

Thank you. Again! We truly feel honoured that we bring joy with our floof and craziness to you. That's more than we have thought when we started out blogging. We will put the bitey on mom so she posts the lovely awards this weekend.
And concats to you of course! Ain't life grand?!
Noselicks, Siena & Chilli

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