Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rock Week

Riley is sitting near me helping with my opinions. Always near with a mew or a twitch of the tail. He helped me edit and I had to re check the spelling due to his big feet.
So, this is what we think ...

American Idol is down to four. This week the musical theme was Rock.
Ryan talked about how the stage had a mechanical malfunction. One of the AI signs broke.
Ryan wore a purple colored tie which made him look down right snazzy in his light grey suit.
Slash was the professional expert this week. He was the lead guitar player for Guns n’ Roses. Now he is in the band Velvet Revolver.
Adam Lambert sang 'Whole Lot Of Love' by led Zeppelin. Randy Loved it. Kara said he was a Rock God. Paula said he was a whole lot of purrfect. Simon said the problem was that nobody could top that now.

Allison Iraheta sang 'Cry Baby' by Janis Joplin. Randy did not love the song choice. It wasn’t great for him. Kara thought the same thing. Paula thought it was fearless. Simon thought she had confidence and vocal. Said it was a sound alike. He would not have chosen that song.

Kris and Danny sang a duet, Renegade by Styx. Randy really liked the harmonies. Kara thought that sum of the parts was better.( meaning that she didn't like when they sang individually in the song but like the harmony) Paula thought it was powerful and compelling. Simon thought Danny was better than Kris.

Kris Allen sang 'Come Together' by the Beatles. Randy loved the guitar playing and he enjoyed it. Kara said he was the soft side of rock but not a great performance. Paula thought his signature was all over the song but he needed a little more energy. Simon actually didn’t like it that much. He said it was like eating ice for lunch.

Danny Gokey sand 'Dream On' by AeroSmith. Randy said it was alright for him. Gave him an A plus for a valiant effort. Kara said he liked to see growth and risk and commended him for taking a chance. Paula said she didn’t know if it was the right song for him but she gave him an a plus plus for going for it. Simon said the last note was like watching a horror movie. A little bit over the top. Still said he would be safe.

Allison and Adam sang 'Slow Ride' by Fog Hat. They did a better duet than the other Kris and Danny. They of course are the rock and rollers. Randy said they are the two seasoned rock stars. They were the bomb baby. Kara said it was right to be pushing each other to be better. Paula said they were the perfect blend, like a marriage. Simon said they won the duet battle tonight.

My thought is that Kris will go.
I'll watch tonight to see who goes and gets to be in the Final Three.


JC said...

I am sorry about the many 'publishings'. I told you I had help from Riley. OK, maybe it's the old keyboard I'm using. Nah, it's the cat ^,,^

The Creek Cats said...

Too bad we didn't watch this one. All the songs are goodies. Especially would have liked to see the Led Zeppelin performance!
We haven't watched it at all this year, but used to watch it every week the years before....

JC said...

I've watched this season for some reason. I watched the first few and than some I didn't really. Caught this show or that show. This season I've watched it. I record it though so I can watch on a rainy day or evening.

Cindy said...

The Top 4 are all great this year. I'm still rooting for Danny, hoping he doesn't go this week. I think Kris is in the most danger while Allison's duet w/Adam saved her.

LeAnn said...

My DD likes the dude with the makeup.
Is he still there?

JC said...

That's Adam and yes he is but last week he was in the bottom two.

I like Danny too.

I think Adam will win but my choice would be Danny to win.

The Island Cats said...

Our mom is an Idol addict! She thinks Kris will go too....but who knows what America will do??

Tuck said...

My mom is upset because her favorite is already gone! Although, I think she's pulling for Allison now.

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