Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day & Bird Houses

Being that it’s Earth Day and I've gotten several emails reminding me of that fact, I have done a few things to enlighten my world. I looked up a few blogs. Even added them to my viewing list. All about gardening in the NW, which is where I’m from. I figure maybe one of them will give me insight into how to make my yard gorgeous and maybe the magical way to get my lilacs to bloom. One can hope!

In the other parts of my life, I’ve gotten info about a plant party at the local High School. That would be a purrfect thing for my son to help with but we will be out of town. The other way I can help is by donating one of my handy dandy kitty cat checks to the plant fund. I’ll have to get that sent into the chair lady.

My son can get extra credit in his Biology class this week. He has a couple of options. One is to build a bird house. There were several types. The bat one which is very long, intrigued him since he likes bats for some reason. I suggested we build a chickadee house, since I look at them all day long. He will try to build that on Saturday. My husband has the saw that we need to use at the beach house.

I thought … Men … Ladies you know what I mean. Why would he take the saw to the beach house and leave it there. Are we done doing anything building wise here? What’s he going to saw at the beach ? Those clam shells are wild beasties and need to be chased away by an old blade. Imagine man walking around the beach with a saw. Me asking him, what were you doing ? Oh, chasing those clams away. They don't like the sound of the buzz.

It’s the cutting of the board and the cute little hole in the front that need the saw. When it’s all done, my son has to write a paper about it with photos. His other choice is to go to the new Earth movie. I checked and the local theatre near our beach place is showing it. He can write a paper about that too. The ticket price buys a tree from the movie sponsors. So, there are a few options for my son to do to get into the Earth Day groove.

What can I do ? I can keep feeding my cute birds. I can recycle which I already do but I can be better at it. A few items make it into the garbage that I guess can go into that light blue bin. I live out in the woods and we don’t recycle all the things that the big city does. We are slower out here.

The one thing I do on a regular basis is take my paper products to a bin in one of the local shopping areas. They donate to the food bank. Not totally Earth Day but paper does get recycled and the food bank gets the money. I get so much paper in the mail that it piles up and I could go crazy. Picture me pulling my hair out in frustration. This pile I keep, this one my husband looks at, this one I throw away and this one I take to the food bank bin.

I also donate old books to a book bin and I take clothes to the boys and girls club bin. I also donate to the humane society bin at the local pet store.

I’m trying on this rainy Earth Day. What are you doing ?


The Creek Cats said...

Happy Earth Day!

Noll's Nip said...

I compost organic kitchen scraps (potato peels, peanut shells, etc.) and recycle glass, plastic, aluminum, newspaper, cardboard. I like your idea of building a birdhouse too.

Joanne said...

We're getting ready to till the garden soon, and plant our vegetables. Mostly it's Jet Star tomatoes, a little bit of zucchini, some lettuce too. There's nothing like vegetables straight from the garden, so fresh!

Karen said...

Today hubby and I planted some flowers in the garden...petunia, geraniums,daisies, and some wild hyacinth seeds that were first given to me by my Aunt Ruth. She is no longer with us, so they give me happy memories.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Hi JC, I just visited a blog

talking about Miss Kim lilacs blooming in zone 7b. I know she isn't the same but she is nice.

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