Thursday, November 21, 2013


It's almost December.
How did that happen ?
No, I mean it.
Today in the woods it's in the 20's.
Frozen and did not get warm enough.
The sun did come out.
The girls went out back.
I checked them every ten or so
to see if they'd become
frozen puppies in the woods.
They are now inside.
Warm and napping.
Dreaming of the Spring and Summer days.
I'm dreaming of those too.
The cookies above are what I make
during the Holiday Season.
Nothing fancy.
Just darn good.
I don't usual bake.
Not my talent.
Cooking in general is not my thing.
Not that I wouldn't want to have that ability
to make a q tip into a shopping mall.
(think about it and let me know if you get this)
I seem to ruin most recipes.
Cookies, not so much.
Anyway, with it being so cold,
I thought of these and was shocked
that it was almost that time of year.
The leaves in the woods are almost gone.
Was actual pretty with them.
Was a nice Fall over here.
The cold now is a
yell out that it's almost Winter.
I hope it doesn't get too cold.
I don't mind it but not on the roads
or on the sidewalks.
I just want to look at it.
Ya know what I mean.
I also have to find my warm coat.
Jean jacket isn't thick enough for today.
Gloves, where are they.
I know I have some in the closet.
The cats are all napping.
Heater vent or soft blanket.
The girls are in the hall.
Me, I'm in the den.
I was watching bird tv.
I think I enjoy it more than these furry balls
that I set it up for.
Seriously, I swear I go eee eee eee.
Til next time,
This is a very cold old lady,
who lives in the woods
with her purr and fur gang,
~ JC ~


Laila and Minchie said...

Our mom loves to make those cookies at Christmas. And she also loves to eat them! Keep each other warm!

William said...

Thank you for your kind thoughts for my bro. He was happy today.

My mom's a pretty miserable cook too. She bakes OK but doesn't have the inclination. And she can't believe it's almost December either. Seems like just last week it was the end of September.

Brian said...

It has been way too cold down this way too! Hugs from all of us.

Fuzzy Tales said...

Are those peanut butter cookies, with the chocolate chip? YUM, YUM, YUM! I haven't baked in years, not with just me here, though I used to make dozens upon dozens of various cookies, etc. at Christmas-time, give them a ton. LOL.

At first I thought you meant into the 20s Celsius and I was thinking, wow! Haha.

I've had to break out the long johns (weeks ago), though some days have been warm enough to forgo them. We had one little squall a couple of weeks ago, which didn't even make the ground white, but plenty of areas in this province and in the Prairies have already been hit. Seems it's shaping up to be a long, snowy winter. Joy of joys (not).

Missy George said...

Love those cookies..Very popular around here at Christmas time...Time is really flying this fall..

ANGEL ABBY said...

The cookies look delicious and I bet that they are! Yes it's hard to believe it's December. I spend my days counting the number since Abby left for the Bridge. This year my Christmas will be a lot dimmer as my heart just isn't there. Hope you stay warm!

Judy said...

Love your new header!!!! I seem to remember the grass used to be green...

Cat said...

OMG those cookies look delish!!! Stay warm and cozy gang :-)

Fuzzy Tales said...

I wanted to write that you've been in my thoughts and prayers and that I'm sending you Universal Light for your Highest Good. I don't have any wise words, just know that someone is thinking of you, asking the fates/universe/gods for whatever it is you need to see you through this week and beyond.



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