Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tuesday In The Woods With Big Al

This is one of the better photos that I've taken of Big Al.
He's a shy boy.
Blends into the background.
Even if you've gotten a good one of him,
nope, you can't make out details at all.
So, today I give you Big Al.
Why is he called Big Al ?
He is a very big black cat.
And, he looks at me when I call him.
~ ~ ~
It's another foggy morning.
Been that way for over a week.
Leaves are still everywhere.
Colors too.
Misty but not rainy.
I'll take that over the total rains that are on the way.
We get so much rain that my fence has moss on it.
No, really it does.
My porch too.
~ ~ ~
I just made my list for the day.
I have a lot to do.
Better drink that coffee
and be on my way.
~ JC ~


William said...

Well, take it from me, all black cats are exceptionally smart and always respond directly to their names!

And about the photos, I think that's just black cat magic. My mom always has trouble taking good clear photos of me! ;-)

Brian said...

Nice to see you Big Al and your are a handsome dude! Give your Mom a big hug from us please!!!

Laila and Minchie said...

Hi Big Al! We love big handsome black mancats.

Judy said...

Mom is doing well! Finding around the maze she moved into! She is amazed at how big the hide-a-bed is - we had to move the diding room so I could go to bed last night! The colours are better here than at home!

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