Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tuesdays Are Noisy

Ashton with one of his mice
~ ~ ~
Tuesday is always a noisy one.
Starts with those trucks that roam the streets.
Some are louder than others.
It was that group today.
Ashton and Riley started out the day with a mew fest.
In the hall, talking away.
About what, I'm not sure.
Ashton is still in the hall.
He sang to me while bringing me a mouse.
It's in the hall with Jodie Belle's toy.
When I told him how nice it was that he brought
it to me, he blinked his eyes.
Cutest cat ever.
No, really. He is.
Just wish I could get photos of him.
He is the elusive grey striped boy.
Meredith Ann is napping near me.
She's been a bit sad lately.
I think because the weather is moister.
She hasn't been able to go outside in a while.
Thus, I find her in the living room.
Sitting on the rug, looking at bird tv.
Other times, she's napping in the hall.
No rug. Just wood floors.
Maybe she's getting more comfortable
with this new house of hers.
She has been here almost three years now.
Not much else going on.
Just the normal end of Summer
and beginning of Fall stuff.
Leaves falling.
Dogs looking at me and asking why
the warm weather has gone away.
I wish I could make it come back.
Just a moist Tuesday in the woods.
~ JC ~


Kay G Larsen said...

Love the quotes!, Enjoyed your blog today...you've got such pretty cats!


Rose H (UK) said...

Aww! Been missing catching up with your blogg JC. Hope your health has greatly improved now.
Sending a {{Hug}} across the miles.
Rose H

ANGEL ABBY said...

Ashton you sure do look cuter than a june bug with that mousie friend of yours.

missy said...

Love those kitties..I know they're great company..

Sometimes, Cats Herd You said...

We're just discovering your blog, and was surprised to see that you have a brown tabby named Ashton, too! Our Ashton is a one-eyed girlcat, though.

That mousie looks like a lot of fun!

Brian said...

Sounds like a very pleasant and relaxing day. Hugs from all of us.

Katie Isabella said...

Here, I am sad because mommy is not well. But surely she will be better before too much longer. She can croak words to me now. That helps.


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