Friday, December 14, 2012

Tea, Dancing, and Merrry Ho Ho Ho

~ ~ ~
Many things ...
First, what is going on in this world ?
I read about how someone goes nuts at an elementary school.
Who does that ? Who ?
I'm mad as can be.
If there really is a God and we all go to heaven,
I have a few things to say to her.
(I grew up Catholic and am a believer in maybe.)
Can't say enough about how wrong it is to do that to anyone,
let alone sweet innocent children.
Growling over here.
Second, and this is not going to sound in the same tone
but I am in the Holiday Spirit.
Or, at least I was before I heard about the craziness
 going on outside of my quiet world.
I drove out the seven miles to the main road.
The beach place is out in the middle of the woods.
Again, I know. Me and woods.
Then, you make a turn and see the water.
Anyway, going shopping is a major trip.
Getting gas is a major trip too.
So, I ventured out and joined
the rest of the lovely Holiday crowds.
Course the mall over here is a mini version of a small mall.
Not the big big big malls that
I have sort of close to me in my other woods.
Over there I live close to Seattle.
Thus, I have double decker malls.
I'm writing this and looking back at words.
To this day I still have trouble with them.
Spirit doesn't look right to me.
Thus, I love spell check.
Goes well with my after coma brain.
Third, in theme with the Holidays.
I got my cat lover's Holiday cards made and sent out.
I've known these crazy ladies for over ten years.
Slowly the once sort of large group has gotten smaller.
Now just under the ten mark.
Still it's fun to figure out that cute cat card.
Some do family photos.
Of the cats and dogs, not those humans.
We talk to each other off and on during the year
but it's those Holiday cards that bring us such joy.
Four, I might get a tree this weekend.
Being down here at the beach
 with just the Purr and Fur Gang,
we haven't had the ability to
get a green smelly hanging ornaments thing.
Mr. Boatman, aka the husband,
is coming down for the weekend.
He told me he found a place to get a tree.
We, all eight of us, are thrilled.
Ok, the cats just napped when I told them.
Maddy Jean continued to ask for a bone.
Jodie Belle looked at me.
With the, What's a tree, look.
This will be the first Holiday for Jodie Belle.
We got her on January 1st.
Her first Holiday was spent in a puppy room
with her other cute adorable siblings.
Since she has found the love of chewing, again,
(we thought she had become a mature Rough Collie)
I'm a bit concerned about what we put on the bottom
layer of this green smelly hanging ornaments thing.
Time will tell if she just chews
 the tree or an ornament or two.
Today, she was flossing on a few shells.
She goes over to the basket on the table by the couch.
And, when no one is watching, ok a cat is probably,
she takes a few for her morning,
 afternoon, and evening flossing.
I guess that's why I got so many shells ..
 I knew they'd be needed
to entertain this lovely lady of mine.
And, so that's my Friday update.
Meredith Ann is napping on the chair next to me.
She helped the best she could.
Me, I'm in the enjoy life faze.
I am trying so hard to pretend.
Just saying.
So, Merrry Merrry To All.
Ho Ho Ho and all of that.
And, dance to the music in your life.
It's what I'm doing.
Oh, and I went to Trader Joe's for the first time.
I know, this odd little town has some cool places.
The tea. Oh my. Why haven't I been to this store ?
Ok, now go off and dance.
~ JC and Meredith Ann ~


Mr. Black said...

Well, I'm afraid these types of things go on daily in this world. We only hear about a few of them.

Trader Joe's does have some good foods. Some are not so good. But, I find most are good and very reasonably priced. One time they had a goat cheese and cranberry spread which was very good.

Brian said...

I hear Trader Joes is cool, I love their paper bags! Merry HoHo to all of you too!!!

William said...

We hope you get your tree. And we hope it is wonderful. It's been such a very sad day that something should provide a small bit of hope.

cats of wildcat woods said...

So hard to understand why all the craziness in our world. Sometimes it is best to go off in the woods or to the beach and just be without all the media. We will get a Trader Joe's here soon. Have fun with the critters over the holidays!

We want to thank you for the card and kind words of comfort in the loss of our Joey. It means so much.

Laoch of Chicago said...

I like Trader Joe's, it has some nifty things.

Naturegirl said...

JC and Meredith Ann: If only we could freeze time to when we experienced our happiest Christmas moments. There is a cloud of grief over many hearts today but we can be grateful for the friends and family and our treasured fur babies we do have to be there when we need them.Comfort and Joy is what I receive from my 2 fur babies.
Yes I think that's good advice "dance to the music in our lives!"
Wishing you a Happy and Healthy Holiday sesaon and many more treasured dances in the New Year!

clairz said...

This will be a hard Christmas to stay focused on joyful things. We will try.

Our nearest Trader Joe's is four hours away. Maybe they will take pity on us someday.

Merry Christmas to you and the Purr and Fur Gang in your beautiful part of the world.

SuziQCat said...

Thank you for stopping by our blog to leave kind words about Devon's passing.

Remington said...

Enjoy your day in whatever you do....Beth dances all the time....she said it makes her happy....(looks a little funny sometimes....but that is okay....)

There comes a time in your life when you walk away from all of the drama and the people who create it. You surround yourself with people who make you laugh. Forget the bad and focus on the good. Love the people who treat you right and pray for those who don’t. Life is too short to be anything but happy. Falling down is part of life, getting back up is living.

~ Jose N. Harris

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