Saturday, August 25, 2012

An Afternoon Nap

~ ~ ~ ~
We are at the beach place.
First time we felt Maddy Jean could drive down here.
She is doing great.
Still has to have her t shirt on but other than that
she is having fun running around playing with her sister.
I'd give it a week or so and maybe
 her second incision will be totally healed.
For now, I'm just taking each day in.
Watching her have fun again.
My old puppy and my new.
It's what life is all about.
~ ~ ~
Course, I brought Meredith Ann with us.
She's always a ton of fun.
Currently, she is napping under the bed covers.
If you look for her and lift them to see,
she's grace you with a blink of her eyes and a soft mew.
Back go the covers and her afternoon nap continues.
~ ~ ~
It's sunny and maybe one of the last nice
Summer days we're going to have.
~ ~
Like I said, I'm just taking it day by day.
Who knows what tomorrow will bring
but for today, I'm in heaven.
~ JC ~


Darlene said...

I agree today is a good day for many reasons. Warm, sunny, birds are at the feeders and flowers. Kitties are all relaxing. Ducks just were taking a bath in their makeshift pond (a lg. litterbox) lol I was gathering tomatoes which suddenly are ripening. Life is good no crap in it today. Smile. Glad Maddie is doing better too. Loves to you all.

Fuzzy Tales said...

I'm glad today's a *good* day for you and Maddy Jean, and Meredith Ann too. :-)

Katie Isabella said...

I'm happy for Maddie Jean, and for you. xxoo. You just keep finding these gifts of life. I try to do that too.

Maggie M said...

Stopping in to wish you all a wonderful day!. Hugs and nose kisses Mumsy and kitties

Rose H (UK) said...

Good days lift the heart and make it smile :o)

Please pop over to my blog JC, there's an award waiting for you...

Rose H

Leanne said...

hello JC, popped over from Roses blog, she gave me an award too :-)

I just wanted to say the photos of your pets are lovely, I have 6 cats, and lost my beloved dog just 2 weeks ago, My heart still aches for him, and I suspect it will for a long time.

Leanne x

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