Saturday, July 7, 2012

Wild Orange Boy

Having coffee while watching Riley Andrew eat the green grass.
My orange boy after lots of figuring out did finally
get the courage to jump off the deck.
He landed into the green grass below.
Hurt his paw just a bit but kept on chewing away on the grass.
I of course told my H to go get him.
I had told my H to spray him the water .. just a bit of it .. to get
him not to jump.
H didn't do it and thus Riley went flying.
H spent a lot of time talking to Riley and got him to come inside.
My Riley loves a good pet.
That's how we get him in each time.
Yes, he's jumped off the deck a few times.
Each time the H puts a board or a wire up
and tells me it's Riley proofed.
Nope, not yet.
Riley walks along the deck like a Tiger in a cage.
He goes back and forth.
Me, being the Mom, knows what he is up to.
H being well, the H, thinks Riley is just walking.

Riley is now sitting on the scratching post.
He says he had a grand time.
I told him he was a sweet baby boy.
I also told everyone not to let him out on the deck.

And that as they say, is the end of the story.

~ JC and Riley ~


Fuzzy Tales said...

Way to go, Riley!

Talk to me if you want to talk "cat proof," man.


Darlene said...

glad to hear his paw wasn't too hurt by the jump. Mine will do anything to go outside and eat grass. Luckly they have the dog pen for that. So are you ready for the heat coming your way? Here it feels like 102 right now whew!

Brian said...

Sounds like he sure had a fun time!

Webster said...

Poor, stubborn Riley, who won't get used to a tether. Then again, I might jump up and off the railing and strangle himself or something horrible like that. Would that he'd learn a lesson from Meredith Ann.

Purrfect Haven said...

well well... hope it all goes on OK. Take care...hopefully no repeat. Thank you for visiting, love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx

Katie Isabella said...

I used to fear for my kitties who were indoor-outdoor (last one was 16 years are indoor only) hoping that Robin for example wouldn't get hurt. But she was always careful to go to the side that was closest to the ground and jump. The other side of the deck was way to far up. Robin was a smart girl.

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