Friday, March 16, 2012

Week Of Everything

~ ^ ..^ ~
This week has been really odd weather wise.
Snow .. three times and it's mid March.
Add in rain until my woods and yard are flooding.
Think mini pools everywhere.
Wind that blows branches off into my yard.
Hail that scared poor baby Jodie
 before I could get her in the house.
Now, it's sort of sunny. Not as cold as it was.
Was Spring just blowing in in a wild way ?

The cats have been napping by heater vents
or the occasional sun spot on the floor.
One time I left the windows open and had
to run to close them all in time.
Big Al wasn't happy with it at all.
Being my resident nap most the day cat.
He had to get up before his scheduled time.

Riley has been a love this week.
Asking for pets whenever he's not curled up napping.
Meredith Ann has been in heaven.
Her boy is home from college
and is spending lots of time with her.
She's one spoiled kitty this week.

Ashton has warmed up to Jodie.
No more constant growling when he sees her.
He is still pulling his furs out but it grows back in fast.
Jasmine has been napping a lot.
Maybe she's waiting for this weather to blow away.

Maddy Jean is a napper too.
In between playing with Jodie that is.

Me, I've been fighting my neck pain.
Nothing like a pinched nerve to remind one of their old age.
Add in my constant friend, Migraine
and well, this week has been lousy pain wise.

I've been drinking coffee like water.
Hoping it will do the trick.
Not yet but I'm still trying.

Been having trouble with my ability to keep my weight down.
Down .. let's go up is what my old body tells me.
Even joined an online group.
Will it help ? Cost enough. It better.

So, to all of you three or four who read my blog,
this is my Friday Update.
Not a bad week. Just an odd one.

So, here's to the nicer weather.
Hope the sun comes out.
The snow and hail don't return for a while.
The boy goes back to college and gets A's.
Hey, a Mom can hope can't she.

Spring brings Summer ...
I can't wait.
If I'm going to have daily headaches and
that lovely pain in the neck to keep me company,
I want it with a bit of that yellow stuff.
I know the Purr and Fur Gang would agree with me.

~ JC and napping Riley ~

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Fuzzy Tales said...

Would physio help with the neck and headaches? I get headaches a couple of times a month, the ice-pik-in-the-brain kind, over the right eye. Various triggers, think it was the barometric pressure this week. Sometimes when my physiotherapist works on my neck it can reduce the severity/duration of the headache. I hope you can find some relief--most of my "sick" time (from work) is headache-related. Means a dark room, can't read, etc. Quite debilitating...Hope you can find a workable solution. If you do, let the rest of us know. LOL.

Yes, here's to a glorious weekend, weather-wise. You know Toronto's crazy warm for this time of year, right? Maybe you need an end-of-term visit to your daughter. :-)

(Kidding, I know classes finish soon, then it's on to exams.)

Take care, okay?

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~ Jose N. Harris

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