Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thoughts On Thursday

Yesterday, I went to get another can of paint.
That wasn't as easy as I thought it would be.
The guy at the counter asked me all sorts of questions.
I had the paint color in hand.
Mr. Boatman had told me to just get two more cans.
Easy. Right. Nope.
Did I want this one or that one ?
What ?
I just want the one like before.
Ends up it was harder than I thought.
When I said never mind,
I'll go back and get the can.
The guy brings up a can and asks me if it looked like this.
Yes, it did.
Seriously, did it need to be that hard.
After that I drove to the shopping center just down the road.
Went into Marshall's to look at things.
Cause as you know, it's just fun to do.
And, there at the end of the store
were the various dishes and plates.
This time, I saw something I just had to have.
A cup and saucer set.
The one I got is Rosemary.
I'm sure it's meant for tea
but this meowning it's being used for coffee.
I like it.
My sort of Heart Day gift to myself.
I did myself good.

Today, I go to my first ever
Yes, at my age,
I'm going to clean to sit, stay and come.
Not me really but Jodie Isabella.
I'm sure I'll learn a thing or two along the way though.
Today, I get to go by myself.
The place is down the big hill,
drive ten miles or so.
and find a big green building.
Into the unknown woods I go.

And on that note,
I say,
What are your
Thoughts On Thursday,

~ JC ~


Fuzzy Tales said...

Oh, never so easy with paint. LOL. I'm still looking for paint chips to redo my bedroom, but will have to prime it first, since I want to go lighter over a mid-tone shade. Double the work!

I was hoping for a pic of the cup and saucer--lol. I like the idea of a Heart Day gift for yourself. Well, I like a gift to oneself any day. :-)

Good luck with Jodie Isabella at the class. Hope it's both fun and informative.

Forever Foster said...

I think they get paid extra for confusing people real good.

Remington said...

It is nice to buy ourselves a little something once in a while.... Puppy classes ROCK! Enjoy!

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