Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I'm An Old Cat Lady

Today is my 55th Birthday.
These are the flowers I got last night.
This morning I had my chocolate eclair.
I get one each year to celebrate.
Of course I shared it with Maddy Jean.
(She gets the bottom part.)
The sun is out.
Cats all sang to me.
Going out to eat tonight.
Fabulous way to celebrate
turning fifty five.
I really am an old cat lady now !!!
~ JC ~


Fuzzy Tales said...

A very happy birthday! The roses are glorious and oh, that eclair looks tasty. Too bad you can't have 55 of them. Hahaha.

Have a wonder-full, joy-full day!

Fuzzy Tales said...

P.S. Move to Canada...Most places don't give a senior's discount until you are 65, sometimes 60. So you're still in middle-age here! :-D

Cat said...

Wishing you a wonderful birthday and many happy returns of the day!!!

Rose H (UK) said...

Happy, happy Birthday! Sending best wishes across the pond from another old cat lady ;o) !!!!

Brian said...

Happy Birthday to you!!! Cat Ladies are purrfect at any age!

ellen abbott said...

happy birthday and the 50s are not old!

Judy said...

Happy Birthday!! Except that 55 is not old!! Gee, do you remember in the olden days, when we were really young, and thought 30 was so far over the hill?

Fin said...

Happy Birthday to you!!!

critterlover said...

Happy birthday! As always, sending you fur covered love.

Webster said...

Happy birthday JC! Another Leo in our midst... Flowers and an eclair = NICE, and don't forget - lots of sun, too.

clairz said...

Happy Birthday! I love the title of this post.

Kritter Keeper at Farm Tails said...

happy bday jc! i am a middled aged crazy cat lady with 10 cats now! a tiny little stray found me near my bday in july...sigh....these poor little things.

janis said...

Happy Birthday! From one old cat lady to another! :)

oliverandruby said...

Happy Birthday to You! Sorry we're late!

Laoch of Chicago said...

Hopefully you had an epic birthday.

The Witch on the Barn said...

Happy Birthday! I was 55 on the 12th and we have very similar names. I just love these obscure coincidences I find on Blogs.

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