Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mondays With Meredith Ann

I was on the hammock relaxing.
Mom of course took my photo.
Who wouldn't ... I'm just that cute.

Mom and I are at the beach place.
Something about a new roof
being put on at our other house
 and the Purr & Fur Gang not liking noise.

I'm making the best of it.
At this place, we get to go outside on the deck.
Mr. Boatman made so we can't get off.
Riley, my orange brother, keeps trying though.
Mom has to watch him.
He likes to go on the railings and jump off.
Who would want to do that when you can sit on a cushion ?

The sun has been out lately.
(It rained so much this year that Mom thought I might turn green)
So, while Mom and I relax
we hope you all enjoy your week.

~ Meredith Ann~

(I know it's Wednesday but I only do Mondays and I'm a cat
 that gets to do what I want.
You know you've missed me.
 You wouldn't want to wait til next week would you ?)


My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

i just LOVE visiting here...what an adorable little kitty...she looks alot like my pixie rose marie....

i LOVE my kittys so MUCH TOO !!!!
i wish i could adopt them all !!!

happy to visit today

kary and teddy and all the farmhouse kittys


The Monkeys said...

You confused us with the Monday, but we got to see your gorgeous face, so we're happy!

Pam said...

My kitties are jealous!

Rose H (UK) said...

That hammock looks SO comfy!
Hope all goes well with the new roof, and I do hope your Purr & Fur gang stay safe at the beach place.
Sending a big hug
Rose H

Remington said...

I think Mondays With Meredith Ann on Wednesday is just great! Nice to see you, my friend!

LeAnn said...

Mere--- you just post whenever you feel like it... we will wait!
Enjoy your outside time!

critterlover said...

So nice to see sweet Merideth Ann's face any day, but especially on a Wednesday.

Lori at Jarvis House said...

Love cats no matter which day it is. Nice point of view.

janis said...

Precious Meredith Ann~ Its Friday & Im just blog catching up! So glad you still posted even though it was WEdnesday. Enjoy the beach place...great smells huh?

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