Monday, May 23, 2011

Mondays With Meredith Ann

I've been so busy.
Mom needed help in the yard.
I walked around and gave advice.
The grass tasted good.
The front porch plants smelled nice.
Rosemary is what she called them.
Mom is having the yard fixed.
She says I'll like my walks better.
I like them fine now but whatever.
 Mom set it up for me to sort of
walk about on my own.
Do you see the rope attached to my blue leash ?
Can you guess what Mom has me tied to ?
You won't believe it.
~ ~
As you can see, the sun was out.
I went for five walks.
Yes, five.
~ ~
I waited by the window this morning
but Mom said no walks today.
Something about the yard people
working to take the weeds away.
Next week I'll let you know
how my new yard looks.
~ ~
By the way, are you jelly of my blue leash ?
I think I look pretty cool in it.

Til Next Week,

~ Meredith Ann ~
(After all this hard work,
I think I'll take a few naps.)


Fuzzy Tales said...

You look great in your blue harness, Meredith Ann!

What are you tied to? Something on your step, by the door maybe? Are you tied to your mom? LOL.

Good luck with the yard!

Brian said...

You sure have been busy sweet Meredith Ann and you need to not work so hard...a nap or ten would be purrfect!

The Monkeys said...

You're very lucky to be outside and we can't imagine what you're tied to! Your garden looks great!

Purrfect Haven said...

we love the blue leash - ours is a pale blue. Love Darcy, Bing and Helen xxx

Noll said...

Blue looks very good on you! Does your mom have you tied on to one of the doggies?

janis said...

I think the Gonzalez Household needs a few of those Kitty harness's!

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