Thursday, May 5, 2011

I Looked In The Mirror

I was thinking this morning.
I do that a lot in the early hours of each day.
Starting with coffee and puter time.
I get my things done.
Later, after a few pets of this cat or that,
I try to grasp my reality.
I looked at myself in the mirror.
Yes, I know that's a terrible thing to do
to my self esteem.
I have decided that I am old.
I know ... shocking for sure.
The wrinkles are getting the best of my
once sort of cute face.
I do see some potential though in what used to be.
My new face creams are from Neutrogena.
I like this brand. I've used them before.
Not this particular
'old lady wrinkle miracle want to be' 
cream but others by them.
This time I am trying,
and for my face,
I think I'm seeing a difference.
Just slightly.
When I'm done with these two,
I think I'll try their more intense creams.
and for those lines by my lovely eyes,

I want you to know I've tried
many creams during my years.
From expensive to under ten.
I still use some of the eye creams
from Clinique and a face cream
from Philosophy.
Since my age has progressed
and my wrinkles along with,
I felt I needed
something a bit stronger.
In the 'sort of miracle' creams category.

What do you use and does it work ?

~ JC ~
(I know I wrote something about
this a bit ago.
 Just wanted to update
you all on my current creams and
how they are going.)


Kea said...

I watched a very interesting documentary on CBC recently (Canada's public broadcasting station). It was about various anti-aging products and including the anti-aging creams. Turns out that these "moisturizers" don't actually moisturize the skin, they contain a mild irritant which inflames the skin--and that's what lessens the appearance of wrinkles.

It was a very interesting documentary!

ellen abbott said...

personally I worked too hard for these wrinkles. I don't try to hide them or make them go away. of course if I woke up one morning and they were all miraculously gone, I wouldn't mind one bit. but I don't think those creams really work. they just prey on the insecurities of women and take all their money. my solution is to have dim light and an old stained mirror in the bathroom.

Remington said...

Beth here....I agree with Ellen -- I worked very hard for my wrinkles and wear them proudly! ha ha! You had asked how I get Remington to sit for photo shoots....I guess he just likes it....I say photo shoot and he goes and sits by the fireplace. He doesn't care what I put on him or have him hold. He just sits there until I say done. Funny though....when I take pics of Ozabella alone he acts upset....guess he is just a born model....ha ha!

Sandie's Patch said...

I actually like Nivea cremes and lotions, can't beat 'em!

Sandie xx

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