Monday, March 14, 2011

Mondays With Meredith Ann

I am very serious.
Who wouldn't be with these visitors.
Mom thinks my furs look all floofy.
This week has been very wet and windy.
Almost every day and night.
At least the white stuff has left us.
(I hope it's gone for good)
Mom got a new phone.
She's all excited about the things it does.
I thought phones just called people.
She's spent time doing things to it.
Instead of petting me.
(Ok, I was looking out the window
while sitting on the couch but still ...)
She said she needs it for her trip.
Is she falling ?
I don't think so.
She needs it to call me
if she does, I guess ...
Also, I hope all the
cats & dogs in Japan
are safe or being
rescued ...

Til Next Week,
This is,
~ Meredith Ann ~


Kea said...

Meredith Ann, your mom is worlds above ours--ours doesn't have any kind of cell phone at all and never has! Talk about archaic. We hope your own mom has fun with hers. Does it take good pics? If so, you'll never been safe from the camera.

Enjoy your scrumptious bird TV!

-Nicki and Derry

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Hi Meredith Ann! We can see why you would be so serious - watching that many birdies is serious business. And oh those silly phone things. We don't understand the fascination our mom and dad have with them. They aren't fun to play with or sleep on or eat, so we don't understand the point.

Sweet Praline said...

Isn't bird TV wonderful?

HubbleSpacePaws said...

Hi Meredith Ann! The woman has a phone just like that and she loves it, too. Kea is right... she uses it to take pictures in bed and everything. We are never safe.

She says she especially likes the Kindle for iPhone app... she is never bored waiting in line when she shops for our crunchies and stinky goodness any more. That's good, we guess!

We LUV bird TV, too! You have a very good station where you live!

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~ Jose N. Harris

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