Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cats, Dogs, Snow & Cough Drops

It's been cold, snowy and now icy.
Snowed most of yesterday.
Not much stayed on the ground though.
Iced over for the rink effect.
More snow expected today.
I have a gigantic cold going on.
On day six.
Cough drops are my best friend.
While it snowed big time,
I drank tea and thought of Spring.
Moved all my big furniture
to the beach place over the weekend.
Now, I just have the Purr & Fur Gang
and a few other items to move.
With this cold front,
(me and the weather)
I'll do it in a couple of weeks.
The beach place needs a generator.
Among other things.
So. as I drink my meowning coffee
with Maddy Jean by my feet
and Riley napping on his
scratching post
I hope all of you with colds get better fast.
I hope this snow is just on trees
 and not causing trouble on the roads.

Seriously, isn't Spring coming ?

~ JC ~


Kea said...

Good luck with the rest of the move and with the unpacking. Definitely get a generator as soon as possible!

I hope you feel better soon, too. I swear by echinacea and vitamin C and always double or triple-up on them both when I feel a cold coming on.

As for Spring...It was -16C when I left for work at 6AM, and there was no wind. That's about 3F, I think. We have more snow in the forecast and right now it feels like it will be winter forever. And believe me, I want *this* winter to be over NOW.

Lots of (((hugs))).


Carolynn said...

So excited for your move to the beach. It sounds wonderful! I've been ready for spring since November last year! *smile* We're being warned to expect record lows this week and maybe snow. Yikes! Head for the hills! No, wait, that's probably not a good idea.

BTW, I loved your elevator pitch over at my place. Thanks for playing along!


ellen abbott said...

yes, spring is coming. it's here so it won't be long til it's there. big step, moving your furniture.

LeAnn said...

Leapin Lizards Janet, curl up like my main man Riley and cover your nose with your paw and take a dang nap!

Webster said...

You're moving to the beach? How did I miss this little tidbit? That's a big change! I hope it all works well for you, including the fur gang.

Sorry you have a cold. They're no fun, but better than the flu. Luden's wild cherry is my cough drop of choice as well. If the old wives' tale is accurate, you're about half way through it.

clairz said...

Absolutely spring will come, and everything will look much better by and by. You've been on my mind...

Sally in WA said...

Stay warm and hope that cold (yours and the weather) disappears quickly. Enough with the snow!! I am ready for spring.

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