Sunday, October 31, 2010


I grew up loving Halloween.
The costumes were so cool.
We didn't have money.
My usual was an old sheet.
I had the ghost down early on.
Later, I did the clown or hobo.

In college, I used my own things.
One time I was a lion.
An old tiger striped pull over bathrobe and add an
old lamp shade with tassel.
It was a hit.
Everyone thought I was the lamp.
They don't talk so I didn't.


Later, I made my outfits.
One year it was a shark.
I won the best costume that year.

 I mastered the clown outfit.
Went to a party
where everyone knew me.
No one could
figure out who I was.
Again, I didn't tell them.

Now, I try to find
a cat mask
or a pirate hat.
Old and left in storage.
Extras from when
my kids went out and about.

I just got done carving my pumpkin.
I'm late I know.
It is a cat .. what else would I do.


~ JC ~


The Creek Cats said...

Happy Halloween!

Brian said...

So true, so true, only a cat will do!

Dog Trot Farm said...

JC, from my house to yours, Happy Halloween!

clairz said...

I love this memory of the holiday as it used to be. We just sat out on the porch for two hours, waiting for trick or treaters who never came. Poor modern kids, missing so much! Ah, well, someone will have to eat all the candy... ;)

Sweet Praline said...

Happy Halloween.

Jacqueline said...

A fun post; I am always a cat every year!...Hope you and your family enjoyed a Happy Halloween, JC.

Laoch of Chicago said...


Judy said...

Yesterday, at the mall where I work the lottery/info booth, I handed out 600 trick or treat bags to the kids. I am not one for crowds, so I am still shaking. I wore my Halloween earrings, though, and maybe next year, the big day will not be on my shift...

Remington said...

Hope your Halloween was the BEST!

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