Monday, June 14, 2010

Old, Used, New

This is a writing promt.
 Everything is true except the mug.
Grandma is from France.
 She did collect things.
 Just not this one.
Garage sales
Walking around
Looking at the old
The used
The new to someone else
As a child, my Mom would
 have me be the one to sit
Waiting for the elusive buyer
Who just had to have that one
Junk to me but whatever
It got me out
 of cleaning something or other
I went to so many of these
Now, I don't go near them
Been there done that
Oh, I know what ya mean
Old .. used ... throw away
That is my motto now
Give it to the Goodwill or recycle
If you haven't used it in a long time
It's time to go
Unless it has lots of memories
Which this pencil holder does
Not to me but to my Grandmother
Who got it while traveling
She loved getting a cup or paperweight
To state the visit she had
This one was from before she came
here via France & Canada
My Grandma
who ends up was a savvy saver
So, no I won't throw this away
but I still think there's too many pencils
Might have to thin those out
a bit ...

~ JC ~

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Remington said...

Hang on to it -- looks great just as it is!

Brian said...

I agree, keep it, it's pretty darn pretty!

willow said...

I'm all about the recycling!

Kea said...

When I lived in Halifax I'd go to the big indoor flea markets once in a while, but we don't have them here on that scale. I do shop at second-hand stores for most clothing because that is only what my budget allows. But I don't try to sell my old stuff. I donate it, and actually just had a garage-full of stuff that the Canadian Diabetes Association picked up on Saturday AM. Felt great to get rid of it all--and make room for more. LOL.

Jennifer said...

Don't we all wish we were the savvy saver! (Too many pencils??)

Tumblewords: said...

Nice read! A prize to keep.

Brian Miller said...

it is more the memories attached to it than the momento itself...i have a few like that. nice magpie!

Sue J said...

I enjoyed this. I'm with you - if you haven't used it for six months, you don't need it and it can go to the op-shop (goodwill).

kathew said...

very fun and relevant these days- we have the agreement if something new comes in 2 old things must go....Good Magpie!

Stafford Ray said...

Don't throw any out,just don't buy any more, particularly yellow ones!

Lyn said...

Never throw anything never know!..Good Mag!

RA said...

Nice read. But how can you have too many pencils?

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