Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hoos Looking At You

Last night I let the girls out in the back yard
It was just after eight pm
What my Mom used to call Dusk
There on my tree branch were two owls
Frst time I've seen them together
Sitting on a branch that hangs over my back yard area
I of course did not have my camera
Went inside to get it
Got the girls back in the house
Went out on the wet deck in my blue slippers
This was photo at night emergency stuff
And, I don't know how to make my camera
do night stuff so this is what I got
By the way, they saw me and flew one way
And, the other one flew to a tree closer to me
The back of one of my owls
This is the tree that they both were sitting on
After a while this owl flew back into the big woods

This is the owl that flew closer to me
Thanks to Photoshop I've been able to pull
 something out of darkness
This one sat there for a while
making noises to me
and to the other owl a few trees away
Of course, Mr. Boatman came home
Let the dogs out and my owls flew
into the big woods
But, for a while my Friday night
was a Hoot or Two
I told you living in the woods is fun ...

~ JC ~


Pam said...

That first picture is kind of scary!

Feral Female said...

Very cool pics!

Brian said...

That is so amazing, I'm glad you were able to get some pictures!

clairz said...

Omigosh, these are great photos! Love the eyes in the first one. Good for you!

Darlene said...

I can't believe they are staying in the trees so close to your home. Great pictures.♥

Jacqueline said...

Love the owl photos=beautiful amber/orange eyes!...Have you seen the ducks lately?...Hope you are enjoying your weekend; kisses to your sweet babies.

Webster said...

So nice to have domestic owls. Evening hoos would be lovely to hear, especially when it gets warmer and you're sitting on the deck. [hope springs eternal]

I hope recent angst is not related to the return of Mr. Boatman, who lets dogs out and scares owls away.

Aoise said...

Fantastic owl pics. I specially like the grainy black and white one. Cool.

JC said...

Thank You for liking my owls. I am absolutely in awe of them. Ends up that I've had them for a while. I thought the sounds were a hawk or another bird. This year though, the babies like my trees. And, I now go looking for them and there they are sitting in my trees. They could have been looking at me for years and I didn't know it.

cats of wildcat woods said...

We hear our owls but don't see them unless they fly in front of the car. No chance to take a photo. Great shots!

Jingle said...

June awards 4 u,

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