Saturday, May 29, 2010

Rain Go Away

It's been RAINING
Mr. Boatman came home from his travels
My son had his wisdom teeth out
He's feeling well enough to go to the prom
Here's a look at the flowers
Meredith Ann has been sneezing and has a runny eye
The vet of course has no openings til Tuesday
 I'll take her to the local ER if she gets worse

The photo load up on my blog takes forever
When it does load it loads two or three photos
I went into Picasso to delete the extras and
Deleted the wrong ones and had to repost
So that Meredith Ann shows up

Other than that ... same old stuff going on
over here in the wet woods

Birds are still singing and eating
The owls are hanging out
The weather has to get better soon
Or, I'm going to start to grow mold too

After we get my son off to the prom
Mr. Boatman and I are going to do something
Not sure what exactly but there's going to be
some wine involved

What are you doing ?
~ JC ~


Kea said...

OUCH for your son! My wisdom teeth were never there, so I didn't have the agony of having them removed. Maybe that's why I'm not wise. LOL. I certainly hope he enjoys the prom. :-)

Re. Meredith Ann: If it's just a cold, no secondary bacterial infection, try giving her 500mg of L-Lysine a day, maybe in two doses. Does she eat wet food? It can be sprinkled on/in it.

It's just an amino acid that binds to the virus molecules and lessens the severity and duration of the symptoms. Of course, if there's something else going on, then she needs vet care, as you've already mentioned.

L-Lysine is available in health food stores/nutritional supplement stores in capsules that break apart, powder inside. Makes it easy to sprinkle half onto wet food in the AM and half in the PM. I've been giving it to the cats for several years now, even my vet suggested it. You also can give oh, about 250mg per day on an ongoing basis, for prevention. Good luck with her!

Enjoy your evening--and wine!

Jacqueline said...

Great advice from Kim/Kea=she is much wiser than she gives herself credit for!...I hope Meredith Ann feels better without a vet visit=never any fun for either one of you!...Hope your son has a great time at his Prom; his flowers are lovely...It's hot with a little rain here (mid 90's in Louisiana and humid of course!)...I hope you have a wonderful time with Mr. Boatman and the wine!

Noll's Nip said...

I hope your son enjoys his prom and you two enjoy your wine :)

Cheyenne -Millie said...

It takes forever when we load photos too! Mom gets up and walks away from it cause she can't do anything else! Meredith Ann! we hope you feel better!

Those are pretty flowers!

Pam said...

Busy day for you! I hope you're settled in enjoying some wine right now. And I wish the best for Meredith Ann!

Fin said...

Healing purrs sent your way.

Brian said...

Oh no, I hope that Meredith Ann gets over the sneezies!

Feral Female said...

Poor son, I can relate! Those are lovely flowers!

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